Esther Anderson has been nominated for a gold Logie and although shocked, she acknowledges the loyalty of the the fans.

"It's very unexpected but I'm honoured to be alongside the likes of Ray Meagher, Rebecca Gibney and the other nominees.

I'm so proud of the show we produce, and to be personally acknowledged is such a thrilling surprise.
It is fantastic the fans have really embraced Charlie, I'm so grateful to the loyal Home and Away audience."

Fans were given the opportunity to ask Esther some questions. Over 150 were submitted and these selected cover the general themes.

Lauren asks: Hey Esther, I loved your storyline with Ruby where Charlie admitted to being her mother, you both did a fantastic job. What would you like to see your character do in the future? and do you find it strange playing the mother of a teenager? Lauren, Ireland x x

Esther replies: Hi Lauren, Thank you! Yes I do find it strange playing the mother of a teenager. I guess because I played Ruby's sister for so long it takes a bit of getting used to this new dynamic. Fortunately, we got to explore this relationship and show how it came about so the audience got to see that even though biologically Ruby is Charlies daughter, for 16 years they have in fact been living as sisters, so while it is all out in the open that I'm her mother, I still haven't been "parenting" as such for the past 16 years therefore its very new to her and challenging in some respect. This is very interesting for me as the actor because I can choose to be more motherly at times or sisterly. Also Ruby and Charlie are great friends and chat about EVERYTHING! I don't think it will ever be a traditional sort of mother daughter relationship, but I love their relationship and I hope we see a lot more of it develops this year!

Teresa asks: Hey Esther, you're a great actress and one of my favourite characters on the show. Just wondering, who do you spend the most time with offset?

Esther replies: Hi Teresa Thank you ;) I see Bernard Curry most as we live close by, Josh Q, Luke J, Luke M, Tessa James, Bec, Jess and Todd!! Love em all to bits! And Christie Hayes is one of the nicest girls on the planet!

Renee asks: Hi Esther, my question is what is the best thing about playing Charlie and where is your favourite place in the world?

Esther replies: Hi Renee, the best bit about Charlie is she is a strong character. I particularly love it when the writers give her something fiery to say. For instance, when she and Angelo were in the surf club once and he had just been reassigned to their station after shooting Jack and they were getting along "ok" then he asked her about her love life and she told him he should stick to work and the weather!! I thought that was classic. I also love that she has flaws and she's complex, there is a lot more beneath that tough cop exterior! I remember when she first arrived in the Bay a lot of people didn't like her (she got on my nerves too to be honest| and still does sometimes) but I'm really glad we saw that hard side of her first because now that we have finally got to see her vulnerable side, we understand her past and we can give that harder quality about her more respect. People can realise she probably had to work really hard to become that strong and sometimes you can see that it's all just an act! So I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is that I love that she isn't one dimensional, there is so much room for me to play with her! My favourite place is the work - it's too hard to pick just one, so my fav places are Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Byron Bay, Tokyo, New York, Prague, Greek Islands, Thailand, Rome, and London! Plus many more - sorry I have so many|I LOOOOOOOOVE travel!

Jemima asks: Hey Esther, I was wondering are you like Charlie in any way in real life?

Esther replies: Hi Jemima, It's funny I was saying to Ada recently "hey do you find that your storyline sometimes parallels with your own life" She agreed. It does feel like that sometimes! And what I was referring to was when I was filming the whole storyline that is on air at the moment about Charlie's phobia of commitment! I wouldn't say I'm as bad as that, or my life exactly mirrored that story, but I have found at some points there have been similarities between my life and Charlie's. Also I'm similar to Charlie in that we are both incredibly close to our family, we are both very ambitious and love our job, both read self help books and have made vision boards, both like white wine and both have wanted to be in the mounted police force! That's one other thing I'd like to see Charlie do... join the mounted police! We also both just want to be happy!

Kate asks: Hey Esther, I love watching you on Home and Away and was wondering if there is anyone in particular that you draw inspiration or motivation from?

Esther replies: Hi Kate, there are so many actors I love to watch and who inspire me. All our Aussie expats, especially those that have also started on Home and Away or worked on the show at some point like Isla Fisher, Melissa George, Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas are very inspiring because they learnt their craft on the same show I'm on now, and hopefully similar success is possible for a lot more of us on Home and Away! It's such a fantastic place to develop as an actor, you couldn't ask for much more. Other people who inspire me are, Charlize Theron, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman, Toni Collette, Rose Byrne and Claudia Karvan.

Lou asks: Hey Esther, I have a twin sister called Lisa and we both wrote you letters recently! Do you remember us? I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN! I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH! My question is what is the funniest thing that has happened on set?

Esther replies: Hi Lou, yes I do remember you and your sister. It wasn't that long ago that you both wrote|thank you again!! Funniest thing on set, well there are a lot of laughs on set, but I'd have to say one of the funniest would have been when Angelo and Charlie were called down to the beach to arrest a homeless man who had gotten nude and was frolicking on the beach. So it was quite comical to begin with. Our characters were having a bit of a giggle at the situation but we still had to get him out of the water and clothed, so the nude actor wears a 'modesty sock' in a situation like this... and we did a few takes and got his shot. Angelo and Charlie could just see his bare bum, then the camera turned around to get our reactions and when we called out to him again and he turned around his sock had come completely off and he was exposed, the camera caught some very authentic reactions from Luke and I! No acting there, it was very funny but we felt awful for the guest actor!

Carlee asks: Hey Esther, my question is:- Were you shocked when you were asked to play a bi sexual?

Esther replies:Hi Carlee, no I wasn't really, the producer had said to me he had a storyline he wanted to talk to me about, and I don't know why but I knew what he was going to say. I also wasn't shocked because at that point I didn't realise it was such new territory for Australian television and a storyline that hadn't been done many times before! I was just thrilled to be offered something really wonderful to act and I put a lot of effort into trying to do it justice.

Hilary asks: Hi Esther, I live in Newark nr Nottingham UK. Have you any plans to come over to England?

Esther replies: Hi Hilary, I love England, I've been a few times and my grandmother was from Liverpool. My best friend is over there at the moment and my cousin lives there and she just had a baby, so I would love to get there at some point in the next 18 months. Also a clairvoyant told me recently that I would work in the UK|so you never know!! It would be great.

Rachel asks: Hi Esther, who do you think would be better for Charlie...Joey or Angelo? As a gay girl I'm hugely disappointed that the show hasn't continued Charlie's sexuality storyline. Do you think Charlie will ever be involved with a woman again?

Esther replies: Hi Rachel...ahhhhhh good question!! To be perfectly honest I was also a little disappointed that that storyline was so short-lived. It would have been great if Kate Bell could have come back. Like any relationship on the show, breaking up creates drama so that's usually what happens at some point. I would love to see that other side of her sexuality either explored again or at least know that it's still a part of her, I think it's very important. Joey or Angelo? At the time of Joey and Charlie's break up I would have said Joey for sure! Angelo wasn't even in on the radar, but now Angelo and Charlie have a lot of history, and have been through a lot together. It would be so hard for her to decide! I would like to see how it would have worked out for Charlie and Joey though. It would have been really interesting for me as an actor to explore a gay relationship further.

Nicole asks: Hi Esther, I am a big fan of Charlie and Angelo. My question to you is what's it like working with Luke Jacobz? On screen you seem to have fun and have great chemistry is this because you are good friends off screen?

Esther replies: Hi Nicole, Luke Jacobz is great fun to work with. We have such a laugh (I'm usually the brunt of the laughter, I'm a very easy target!) but its always good fun. He has a lot of jokes and I seem to always give him material for new stories! We get along really well on and off set! I'm trying to come up with a really good practical joke to play on him at the moment to get him back. He can't take it as well as he can give it though.

ilove.charlie30 asks: Hi Esther, wow do we love you My daughter Destiny would like to say a big thank you for the fan card and note she received from you. We both think you are awesome and do a fantastic job playing Charlie. Oh and Destiny still wants to be you when she grows up lol !!!! Take care love from your biggest fans xxxx\n\nEsther replies: Thank you|and Thank you Destiny!! Hope you are great and I hope Charlie does many admirable things this year for the sake of Destiny's Destiny!!.. ha ha loads of love xxx\n\nJocelyn asks: I'm 15 and I am your biggest fan!!!! I love the way you portray Charlie on the show and I really look up to you. My question is what made you decide to audition for Home and Away? \n\nEsther replies: Hi Jocelyn, thank you! I watched the very first episode of Home and Away when I was about 8 years old and I've always loved the show. If I had have known then that I was going to be on it 20 years later I would not have believed it. It's a dream job and I jumped at the opportunity to audition for it! \n\nGeorgia asks: Hey Esther! My question to you is, that if you could play any female heroine in a movie, which one would you most want to play? And what is your favourite city you've travelled to? \n\nEsther replies: Hey Georgia, I think I'd like to play Wonder Woman, or Lara Croft. I was tossing up between the two at a costume shop recently for a dress up party and I went Lara Croft! One of the Charlies Angels would also be great fun! Favourite City| New York!!!!\n\nEmma asks: Hi Esther, I'm a massive fan of Charlie and think you do a fantastic job. Can you give us any insight into what's in store for Charlie this year? I read that you once had dinner with Bon Jovi who are my fave band - is that true and what were they like?!! \n\nEsther replies: Hi Emma, I don't want to give a lot away, but there may be some more changes and hurdles for Charlie career wise, romance wise and I think we will see a lot more of Charlie and Ruby again! Yes it's true I met Bon Jovi in Osaka, Japan and we had dinner with them after the show which was quite surreal! They were all so lovely, Richie Sambora particularly, but I don't think I absorbed a lot of the night we were in a bit of shock that were really there hanging out. We didn't stay long though as we didn't want to outstay our welcome. We thanked them and left singing Livin' On A Prayer all the way home! good fun!!\n\nHeidi asks: Hey Esther, is it really you emailing me on Face book? I just thought I'd ask while I had the chance because there are so many people who are fake these days. \n\nEsther replies: Hey Heidi, I'm glad you asked|no it's definitely not me! I've never been on Facebook so spread the word! Cheers.\n\nEstherandersonfan01 asks: Wow I was really hoping you would be answering questions you are my all time favorite actress lol YOU ARE THE BEST ESTHER!!!!! My question is what was your favourite storyline? I would really like to know I loved the one with you Ruby and Grant I thought it was well acted. \n\nEsther replies: Hello and thank you so much!! It's a tie between that storyline and the Charlie Joey storyline. Both were very challenging and therefore really rewarding. I'm so grateful for both those storylines. The most fun though was probably when we went to Melbourne to shoot. It was such a novelty filming in the city and Josh Quong Tart had me in stitches!\n\nKat asks: Hi Esther, I'm a great big fan of yours, keep up the great work! You mentioned you are interested in Spirituality. 1. What does Spirituality mean to you? 2. What do you do to keep being Spiritual? \n\nEsther replies: Hi Kat|I guess spirituality to me is living consciously and realising our potential as human beings and embracing life and all its aspects, positive, negative the whole spectrum!! Everyone is spiritual in their own way and people might not express it the way I do but that doesn't mean they aren't spiritual. If I'm not feeling good or I want to reconnect with my true self then I may do something like going for a walk by the ocean, meditating, reading something from one of my favourite authors (like Eckhart Tolle, Dr John F Demartini, Esther and Jerry Hicks, Byron Katy or Neale Donald Walsch.) Or I might go have a massage or get a healing. When I lived in Melbourne I had a meditation circle at my house each week and I find it's a really nice thing to do in a group where you can receive everyone else's energy too! I also practice manifesting all the time|and it works!!! Mostly I think we are here to have fun. Lots of it.\n\nbty73189626 asks: Hey Esther, congratulations on such emotive and powerful work on your story lines, you have portrayed every single one of them to perfection. My question to you would be how would you spend your perfect Sunday off? Have you got any hobbies that you persue in this time? Keep up the good work!! xxxx\n\nEsther replies: Hello and Thank you so much My perfect Sunday off would mean I'd sleep in, head out for a breakfast of eggs, bacon, avocado, sourdough toast and a coffee|mmmm, yum. I'd read the paper then head to the beach for a swim and lie in the sun and hang out with my best friends. Then I might go for a walk from Bondi to Bronte, then stroll through the markets on my way back into Bondi and pick up a bargain, and as the sun comes down in the afternoon I'd head to a restaurant/bar and have a beautiful seafood dish and glass of white wine and hear some live music! Heaven. Then I would go home and flop on the couch and watch a great DVD or see a movie! I just saw Alice in Wonderland.. I loved it! And Crazy heart was amazing too. I also love to horse ride and I'm planning a day of horse riding with my sister over Easter which we are looking forward to. We both used to have our own horses and its something we haven't done together for years so I'd love to get back in the saddle more - that would be another perfect Sunday|an all day trail ride and a picnic in some beautiful Australian bushland!

Thank you Esther for taking the time to reply and for giving us such interesting answers.

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