Or should we say '80's fashionista Marilyn Chambers, aka Marilyn Fisher is back and makes a dramatic return to Summer Bay.

Emily first appeared on the show from 1989-1992 and then again from 1995-1999. In true Home and Away style, she has loved and lost including Colleen's son Lance (Peter Vroom), Colleen makes it very clear she still doesn't like or trust her after she broke 'her Lancey's' heart. She also fell for Adam Cameron (Mat Stevenson), Phil Bryant (Vince Martin), Steven Matheson (Adam Willits) and after a fling with Hayden (Andrew Hill), she married Donald Fisher.

After a miscarriage she later gave birth to Byron, but he was diagnosed with cancer and died on the plane to America when she and Donald went to search for alternative treatments.

Marilyn returns to Summer Bay to start a new life and Emily told TV Week that she was nervous about playing Marilyn again and wondered if she was too old, but said "As soon as I had the stilettos on with the little outfit, it just came back naturally."

Are you pleased she has returned and do you have a favourite Marilyn moment? Write them in the 'comment' section below:-

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