It's a tearful farewell for farm boy Geoff Campbell who leaves Summer Bay to follow his dream to become a missionary.

Geoff made his first appearance in the Bay after he and his sister, Annie Campbell (Charlotte Best), found Martha sleeping in their barn.

Both Annie and Geoff were real farm kids. Geoff had worked on the farm ever since his parents died in a car crash with their grandfather Bruce Campbell (Chris Haywood), who was very religious.

His love for football and his faith made him stand out from the rest and caused a few clashes with his peers. His on and off friendship with Aden (Todd Lasance) led to many amusing scenes including learning how to drive a boat in Irene's lounge room!

The riots and burning of The Diner has changed Geoff's view on life and he turned back to the church for guidance. He has now decided to choose a new path.

Lincoln Lewis also has a new direction and was thrilled to be offered the role of Kevin Holmes in the Australian feature film Tomorrow, When The War Began.

Lincoln has always been a great supporter of the Home and Away website and we have done lots of fun behind the scenes videos together and here is his last
video interview saying thanks to you the fans.

Ray Meagher (Alf) made a speech on behalf of the cast. See gallery. And here are a few more Lincoln moments.

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Covering episodes 4791-4795: Freya kissed Nicole in front of the whole school, including Mr Bartlett! Poor Geoff he saw it all and felt very uncomfortable.



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