We last saw Miles in a drunken stupor heading for the ocean after the Christmas party. His world came crashing down after Kirsty left him, also taking young Ollie and any hopes he had of creating a family.

Then he mis-read Leah's kindness, tried to kiss her and felt rejected when he saw her getting very friendly with Hazem.

Crashed out on the beach he is finally woken by a young girl and he jokingly wonders if he had died and gone to heaven.

Mitzi Ruhlmann plays the young girl who will help to bring a little fun back into Miles' life.

Home and Away is her first television role, she has also appeared in a commercial for Canon Copiers and a short film called The Umbrella in which she played the character Alex.

Her interests include:- Netball, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Jazz and Latin dancing.

Aged 11, Mitzi's birthday is on 17th November 1998.

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  1. Leah's love life

    Leah's love life

    Leah has been unlucky in love. 2 husbands have died and many relationships have failed.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  2. Unlikely couple

    2:53 Unlikely couple

    Leah and Miles had an awkward chemistry. Ada and Josh describe their first kiss scene.

    Also featuring:
    Josh Barrett
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  3. Sally and Milco

    1:53 Sally and Milco

    Sally (Kate Ritchie) finally remembers her twin brother Miles (Josh Quong Tart).

  4. Long lost twin

    1:09 Long lost twin

    Miles 'Milco' Copeland (Josh Quong Tart) arrives in Summer Bay looking for his twin sister Sally (Kate Ritchie)



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