Hello everyone

It was an interesting start to the week; Ross thought he was living in a hotel and that I was a chambermaid! When I told him I was putting some washing on, he said he wasn't checking out until tomorrow and if he wanted any washing done he would have called reception! After Ross almost drowned and accidentally hit Morag, everything has been strained at home and it became evident that he really needed to go into full-time care. It was very emotional for everyone, but in the end he was the one who insisted on going.

Roman sent some paperwork to the Diner including a package for Nicole which turned out to be a birthday card for her 18th birthday and a note saying that he had put the house in her name. The sad thing was that nobody else remembered her birthday. Miles eventually found out from Sid, which is a bit strange.

Anyway, she went to see Aden to share her news, but he took it the wrong way and thought she wanted him out. He wouldn't listen to reason even when Alf turned up later to re-assure him that Nicole wanted him to stay. He stormed out of the house and it wasn't until the next morning that Geoff and Morag found him sleeping on Irene's trawler. Morag decided to take things into her own hands and told him to come back and that she was moving in with him! Good ole Morag, she might appear as tough as boots, but she's got a heart of gold.

Ruby is still angry with Charlie and wanted to find out more about her father. Apparently Ross accidentally referred to the family of the boy which sent Ruby on a mission to find him. She crept back into our house and found Charlie's old year book with a picture and his full name, Grant Bledcoe!

Martha and Hugo organised a 21st birthday party for Brendan. Annie, Ruby, Nicole and Geoff all helped decorate the Surf Club with blue balloons and streamers. Unfortunately I couldn't get there in time for the big reveal, but Annie told me it was quite funny. They were all hiding in the dark and then Brendan ran in saying "Surprise surprise."

Gina got a surprise from a mystery man. Brendan has been saying 'Mum loves Ted,' but she pretended not to know what he was talking about, then the real Ted turned up at the house. He came to persuade her to go away with him on a trip. Of course she said no because of Brendan, but then Hugo had a chat with Martha and they agreed that she should go as they could look after Brendan.

There seems to be quite a lot of tension between Tony and Rachel since Harry's abduction, she very protective and is reluctant to let Tony even hold him. Although she did look happier after going to her first mother's group. In fact she came back to the Diner with one of the group, a nice man called Andy, who has been recently widowed and left with two young children to raise.

I was telling Rachel about a real dilemma I was facing. I happened to see Kirsty in a blue car talking to a man I had never seen before. Then Miles appeared with Ollie after being on the beach with Alf, and Kirsty slid down in her seat to hide and the car raced off.

I just felt I had to tell Miles, Rachel agreed that she would want to know if something like that happened with Tony.

Miles told me the next day that they had a huge row, because he asked if she was having an affair. Later she had a go at me for interfering. It was Jai who actually blurted out her secret, Kirsty is pregnant! I'm not supposed to know because she is keeping it quite from everyone, but that explains all her moods.

I had better make sure I don't tell Colleen otherwise everyone from Summer Bay to Yabbie Creek will know.

I must get back to work.

Until next week

Take care

Love Leah x

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