Signed Magazine.

Congratulations to all the winners, here are some of the entries.

John K - VIC Austraila: Because there's a bit of Summer Bay in all of us.

Niamh D - Dublin Ireland: Nobody has any idea how AMAZING this prize would be to me! My life would be complete!! I'd scream the house down

Bethany D - Southampton England: It's the best soap ever and is definitely way better than any of the British ones! It also makes me want to emigrate to Australia!

Becky D - Tyne and Wear England: For that little bit of H+A history and to add the posters to my 7ft x 8ft H+A shrine in my student flat!

Mrs Rashmi G - Alicante Spain: I love Home and Away, I cannot wait to watch every day, I think the writers deserve more credit globally! It's the best soap ever!

Amanda A - NSW Austrialia: I've been a fan ever since 1988 I've never missed a episode. Now my partner and children like to watch every night.

Karen B - Kilkenny Ireland: It's a huge part of my life, it holds many memories waltzing around on Dads feet to the opening tune when we were kids.

Mummy H - Managaia Cook Islands: Because this is the only program updating here on my island, I love Home and Away.

Tanya B - QLD Austriala: I have watched since the start. My family tapes the show if I'm at work as life is not worth living with a grumpy mum.

Angela D - Kildare Ireland: I have watched EVERY SINGLE episode since it started, attended every wedding, funeral and birth. Shared every heartache, every joy!! Shed many tears.

Barbara P - NSW Australia: I am the Biggest HAA Fan and I would do anything for it even swim the English Channel whilst holding the magazine above the water.


Jon Sivewright has teamed up with old cast member Indiana Evans (Matilda Hunter) in a thriller that is based on true events. It also stars Kain O'Keefe, who is about to join Home and Away as Brendan Austin. The story is about 'a young man who's spinning out of control and is pushed over the edge to do the unthinkable.' The film should be released next year.

The Official Collector's Edition is now available to international fans. Go to and click on 'More fantastic magazine merchandise, which is under the heading Magazine Merchandise in the left hand side navigation.

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