It didn't seem that long ago when Tony arrived in Summer Bay with his two gorgeous sons Lucas and Jack. Now we have the pleasure of meeting his sister Gina and her two, equally gorgeous sons Xavier and Hugo.

We initially met Xavier when he rocked into the Bay for 'schoolies' week and caused a fair amount of havoc. Ruby was instantly smitten, only to be disappointed when Xavier was sent packing, after Jack caught him with drugs.

A family crisis brings them all back to Summer Bay and we are introduced to Gina and Hugo. Gina, played by Sonia Todd, is a single mother who has struggled to bring up her sons. There is actually a third son, Brendan, played by Kain O'Keefe. We don't meet him until later in the year, but the effect of his mental disability is a cause of friction between Xavier and Hugo.

It has put a strain on the family and Xavier took on a lot of responsibility at a very young age, which may explain his sudden rebellion. He resents Hugo for abandoning them and although Xavier has helped his mum as much as possible, he yearns for the normal life of a teenager.

Bernard Curry plays Hugo, he recently had the girls gasping in Packed To The Rafters when he played the yoga teacher Vishnu. His physique will also be appreciated in Summer Bay, in fact he will start running the Dive Shop. His love of the sea is complemented by a passionate interest in conservation, which has seen him working on the Barrier Reef running a dive centre, teaching tourists about conserving the reef, a few stints with Greenpeace in the Antarctic, and now| to Summer Bay. He's charming, independent, capable and gregarious, and as a result you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who'd say a bad word about him.

So with Ruby making a beeline for Xavier, who will catch Hugo's eye? Hearts will be fluttering and Colleen will be keeping her eyes open for any gossip with these two in town.

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