Kate was on location at Palm Beach very early this week, and back in the job she began 25 years ago.

Fans were thrilled to witness the return of the much loved character and were quick to post their messages on Facebookand Twitter

Julia Soles: I was there today and saw her, very excited xxx
Sarah Gronow: Stone the flaming crows, Sally Fletcher is back in Summer Bay.
Sofie Schutyser: Just seeing this picture brings a smile to my face, just love Kate as Sally!
Rose Drew: I've missed Sally she is great can't wait to see her again.

Laura Smith: I remember watching the very first episode, 1hr long, special with Bobby and Frank. Met the crew on Palm Beach 13 yrs ago-i met vinny, hayley, sally, alf, and the cute teacher.

Channel 7 News were on the scene to interview Kate and capture the action.

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