Andrew Morley plays Spencer, Kassandra Clementi plays Maddy and Charlie Clausen plays Zac.

Andrew Morley Grew up on a farm, in Clarkefield, Victoria. From a young age, Andrew helped out around the farm listing pig farmer as one of his first jobs. One of three children, (brother, Thomas 27 and sister, Alison 25).

On his first day of set Andrew recalls, "I loved putting the Summer Bay High school uniform on, it was so surreal."

Spencer arrives in Summer Bay with Maddy who has been on the run with no possessions and money.

On his character Andrew explains:

"Spencer is genuine, confident and a big charmer. He has a quality that turns heads and his positive attitude enlightens those around him. Spencer is a romantic, loyal, and selfless man that puts the ones he cares for above and beyond himself."

On her character Kassandra explains:

"Maddy is an energetic and very loving young girl who is mature and wise beyond her 16 years. She can be a perfectionist and works hard to achieve her goals. She has a passion and flair for music - especially the violin."

Kassandra Clementi, grew up in Adelaide, South Australia with her mum and younger brother Cody. With a gymnastic background, Kassandra has always been creative, listing drawing, singing and dancing as her favourite hobbies.

At 18, Kassandra graduated from high school and moved to Melbourne where she attended The Actor's Studio 16th Street to do an extensive one year course. Afterwards she was successful in landing the role of Chelsea in Underbelly Files: Infiltration.

In early 2012, Kassandra moved to LA where she landed the role of Rosanna McCoy in the film Hatfields and McCoy's alongside Christian Slater. On a winning streak, Kassandra then went on to film F6 Twister in Texas beside Casper Van Dien. It was only days after finishing F6 Twister, that the role of Maddy in Home and Away would bring her back home to Australia.

Charlie Clausen was born in Melbourne. As the youngest of nine children, Charlie learnt the gift of the gab at a very young age.

"I didn't dream of being an actor when I was a kid, but I was the youngest in a large family that would have these deep discussions around the dinner table. If you wanted to be heard, you had to learn how to speak up. The main thing I wanted to do was tell stories. I would write and short films and sketches and I guess acting became a by-product of that."

Charlie got his first big break on the ABC drama Head Start. He then scored a recurring role on McLeod's Daughters, was a regular on the short-lived comedy series Big Bite, before landing the lead role of Alex Kirby on Blue Heelers, staying with the show until the series in finale.

In 2012, Charlie joined the cast of Home and Away, playing Zac MacGuire, a character that has a history with Natalie (Catherine Mack). Having spent the last few years behind the camera, Charlie is looking forward to the challenge of working on such a high profile series, while also balancing his numerous outside interests.

"I'm very excited to join the cast of Home and Away. I found out I got the role on my birthday and I couldn't think of a better gift. It's a fantastic opportunity for any actor and I've been made to feel really welcome by the cast, crew and production team. I'm looking forward to 2013 and beyond."

For Andrew, Kassandra and Charlie's full biographies go to the cast page

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