Legendary chef aka 'Props Catering' Carol Toohey is a favourite amongst the cast of Home and Away. She has been supplying food for the Diner and all the party scenes in Summer Bay since the show started 25 years ago.

If any of the cast have a sore throat, she whips up a hot lemon drink for them. For hungry crew there's always a plate toastie cheese sandwiches nearby. Carol has lost count of the number of birthday and farewell cakes she has made over the years, but she is up for any challenge, even Hayley's pink VW car!

Recently, Carol was asked to help director Jane Eakin decide on which delicious chocolate cupcake would star in Jane's short film "101 Cupcakes".

This webisode is from a series of cupcake bake-offs featuring Australian Celebrities, helping to find the delicious cupcakes that will feature in "101 Cupcakes" the short film. Take a look and hear some of Carol's real life behind the scenes stories from the set of Home and Away.

To find out more about this beautiful project and see how you can become a part of the film too, go to www.101cupcakes.tv you will also find some great recipes.

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