Celia played by Fiona Spence is Alf's younger sister. She left Summer Bay to be a missionary in Africa and now returns for Roo and Harvey's wedding.

"I am absolutely delighted to be back in Summer Bay! I have never turned down an opportunity to bring Celia out of mothballs, she is a great character and I love playing her I've just adored playing her she has always been such a fun character so I've enjoyed many storylines.

One of the funniest night shoots was when we were looking for bunyips, we had Stewart's store at that time and Alf was cooking up bunyip burgers and Celia was selling tea towels, we had a lot of fun shooting that.

Returning has been a wonderful experience. When Celia comes back she mainly mixes with her Stewart clan."

The sisters descend on the Summer Bay household, how will Alf cope with Morag, Colleen and Celia under one roof?

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    Alf Stewart
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    1:45 Alf's tough call.

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    Alf Stewart's bark is bigger than his bite. But what happens when he loses the will to fight? Ray Meagher talks what it's like showing Alf's vulnerable side.

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  5. Episode guide Mon - Thu 6066 - 6070

    Episode guide Mon - Thu 6066 - 6070

    As Marilyn walked down the aisle by Alf, John is overwhelmed by his bride’s beauty. The happy couple finally say their ‘I do’s’

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