SAM ATWELL - played Kane Phillips

Describe your character in 5 words

Angry, hurt, sorry, fighter, lover.

Your 5 favourite things about Home and Away

1. So many incredible stories over 25 years. It's a show that does every genre. And the scripts just keep coming.
2. Incredibly hard working crew who do their jobs with smile and a laugh.
3. A dedicated cast who go the extra mile to raise the bar time and time again.
4. Beautiful locations that are a pleasure to watch and be in.
5. An amazing bunch of people who watch the show and have loved it enough to keep it going for 25 years.

Who are your top 5 characters from 25 years of Home and Away

Sally, Alf, Johnny, Miles and Fisher - but there are so many more gold ones too!

Reasons to be excited about the next 25 years of Home and Away

The quality just keeps upping every year and the show is producing major stars in every department. It's looking and sounding beautiful and the scripts are getting more and more complex, intriguing and emotionally engaging - I can't wait to see what the next 25 bring.

Activities outside Summer Bay

Doing a show right now called The Interview with another H & A alumni - Kip Gamblin. Come on down!

This is the last week of The 'Interview'. It's a fantastically engaging and entertaining production, so well worth a look.

Had three season run of a show I wrote called Bondi Dreaming in Sydney

And also working on a film of Bondi Dreaming

Writing a play that will be on in April next year, a murder mystery based in a television set - using Home and Away actors and writers!

JON SIVEWRIGHT played Tony Holden

Describe your character in 5 words

Truthful, Dependable, Vulnerable, Relaxed and Proud.

Your 5 favourite things about Home and Away

Locations, crew, cast, relentless workload and the atmosphere on set

Who are your top 5 characters from 25 years of Home and Away

Jazz Curtis, Alex Poulos, Leah Patterson, Peter Baker, and all the extras.

5 reasons to be excited about the next 25 years of Home and Away

1. Will be fantastic to see a show that I am proud to be associated with go on with great strength.

2. Tony is not dead so you never know !!!\n\n3. TV needs cultural institutions and this is one of them and it will continue to be.\n\n4. Storyline never cease to amaze; all credit to a great writing team.\n\n5. Alf Stewart; Enough said !!!

5 activities outside Summer Bay

Parenthood, Perth Telethon, Red Kite Charity Football Annually, My PT buisness

and Treehouse Entertainment Group.

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