Monday episode 5646 - 12/11/12

Leah is growing even more concerned about Jamie when she starts to notice things around her house missing or misplaced. She decides to keep VJ home from school to keep him near, but when Jamie shows up at the Diner, Leah tells him that it's inappropriate for him to talk to her or her son. In the meantime, Brax asks Adam to have a word with his son. That word turns violent, and Adam slaps Jamie just in time for Bianca to see. But this doesn't perturb Jamie, as he breaks in in the middle of the night to watch Leah sleep.

After being awoken by Tamara punching Casey in the face, Sasha is seething at the return of desert girl. She's been found by Casey's lawyers to act as a witness to prove that Casey was kidnapped. But when she learns that Kyle is shacked up with the Braxton brothers, she is outraged and refuses to take the stand.

April is worried about Bianca and the way she is dealing with Rocco's death. When she confronts her sister about this, Bianca snaps and tells her to mind her own business. Suspicious about Adam, April endeavors to learn more about Bianca's new friend. When Casey tells her that Adam's having a party, April decides to attend. Bianca isn't impressed with her little sister drinking and hanging out with Adam's friends, and after an altercation, finally breaks down and admits that she's deeply saddened by the death of her son.

Tuesday episode 5647 - 13/11/12

Leah receives a text message from Jamie with a photo of her sleeping from the night before. Totally freaked out, Liam tells her he'll call the cops. The police are hesitant to help, believing that Leah has sent the wrong signals to Jamie. VJ runs off to confront Jamie at the beach. Jamie grabs VJ, losing his temper after VJ insists his mum isn't interested. Leah and Liam arrive in time. A psychotic Jamie vows he will never give up on Leah, as she rushes away with BJ - terrified. Leah, on the spur of the moment, announces she and VJ are leaving, telling residents that they're going on a holiday. BJ is resistant, as are Liam and Natalie, but they ultimately understand Leah's feeling of powerlessness and fear. She and VJ flee the Bay with the hopes that Jamie will leave or forget them.

The Braxton's prepare for Casey's day in court, unsure whether Tamara will take the stand. Heath isn't helping with his gallows humour. Brax and Natalie try to keep an anxious Casey positive. Emerson gives a fair testimony, but the prosecutor is convincing in his damning portrait of the Braxtons'. Casey flees the courtroom as his anxiety takes control and he succumbs to a panic attack. Their lawyer reveals that Tamara has skipped town - now their only reliable witness is gone.

Wednesday episode 5648 - 14/11/12

With Tamara missing, Kyle's testimony is thrown into doubt. Heath threatens Kyle, warning him to tell the truth on the stand. Kyle proves himself loyal to the Braxton's by insisting his surname be read 'Braxton' not 'Bennett'. He admits all of his wrongdoings, mending part of the rift between he and Casey. He also proves a useful character witness, condemning their father. He reveals the extent of Danny Braxton's plans for Casey to the court, much to the consternation and shock of the Braxton's. Off the back of Kyle's testimony, things are looking up. Tamara arrives in time to testify. Sasha sees Casey with Tamara and is worried she'll lose him. The prosecution tries to discredit Natalie, and her testimony is ultimately considered questionable.

Indi's afraid Sid will be attacked by Lisa's abusive ex-husband, Neil. Sid assuages Indi's qualms, only to advise her to lock the doors. Neil shows up at the Walkers while Sid is out, and a frightened Indi refuses to let him inside. Sid, while at a motel with Lisa, finds out that Neil came to the house. Lisa is dismayed that she's involved the Walkers in her problems. Sid decides to confront Neil by tricking him into meeting. Neil arrives behind the Surf Club for a fake meeting with Lisa only to see Sid, and hides. Neil confronts Indi at Angelo's and threatens to not let her go until she reveals Lisa's whereabouts.

Marilyn, Alf and Harvey are the picture of serenity- until their calm brunch is shattered by an exuberant Roo's return. She asks Marilyn to be a bridesmaid, and Marilyn enthusiastically agrees. Roo also wants to ask Lottie and Leah to be bridesmaids, unaware Leah's skipped town. Harvey is concerned when he has to pick groomsmen. Alf is shocked to discover Harvey's never been a Best Man, and he doesn't have any friends to ask.

Thursday episode 5649 - 15/11/12

Sid arrives at Angelo's in time to save Indi from Neil, and she calls the police. Sid is sorry that Neil brought violence to his family. Dex is bamboozled by the nights events, and finds his memory failing. The next day, Lisa asks Indi why she didn't just tell Neil what he wanted. Indi replies that Neil is a bully who gets off on intimidating women and she wasn't going to give in. Lisa's impressed. Romeo arrives home, and Indi asks him about his family life and domestic abuse, trying to understand why Lisa would stay with Neil. They return home to find Neil has been released. In the resulting commotion Dex becomes dizzy, but no one notices and he covers. Later, at her hotel, Lisa calls Neil - she's decided to return home. Meanwhile Dex suffers a seizure.

A blissed-up John and Gina getting used to being back together, but a testy Jett is spoiling the mood. Gina believes it's because of VJ's departure, but Jett makes it clear he doesn't think John's going to stay. Gina confronts Jett about his behaviour. Jett reveals his concerns about Marilyn and John, but Gina is firm - it was a misunderstanding and they've moved on. Jett still has his reservations, however. He asks Marilyn leading questions to assess her character. He plants a phone recorder in John to get incriminating information on him and Marilyn. Jett reviews his data, and reveals the recording to Gina. It's the sound of Marilyn asking "for more". Gina recognises that it's Marilyn's response to cream cheese frosting - not as incriminating as it sounds! Both Gina and John promise Jett that they're staying together.

Roo asks Marilyn to be her Maid of Honour. Harvey is feeling pressure to produce friends for the bridal party. Marilyn helps her plan the wedding. Harvey takes a stand - he's not having a best man. Alf tells Roo to take a look at herself, she's getting carried away with the wedding and not thinking about Harvey, who doesn't have a Best Man to ask. Roo and Marilyn meddle and call Harvey's old friend.

Friday episode 5650 - 16/11/12

Dex wakes up, disoriented after his seizure, but seemingly unaware that he's had one. April finds Dex on the couch, and doesn't notice anything strange. The next day Dex suggests he and April go out to lunch at Angelo's. Romeo notices Dex's odd behavior, but April shrugs it off. Dex feels the effects of the seizure during lunch, and finds it hard to cope. He gets into an altercation with Heath about Bianca, and April asks Heath to drive them home. Dex admits to Romeo he needs to go to hospital.

Harvey is upset to find that Roo's asked his old friend to be Best Man. Roo is offended when Harvey says getting married is stressful. He calls Winston (his old friend) to tell him to go home, but he arrives just as Harvey is making fun of him. Harvey can't take a hint and decides to stay. Marilyn doesn't make the connection between her doomed date with a man called Winston and Harvey's best friend. When Roo and Marilyn arrive in time to see Winston wrestling Harvey, and an awkward encounter between Winston and Marilyn ensues.

Bianca apologises to Liam for her behavior, and assures him that she and Adam are over. They run into an angry Heath. Bianca puzzles how she's going to even begin to make it up to him. Liam encourages Heath to speak to Bianca, but Heath bristles at the suggestion. Bianca asks Gina if she can return to work. Gina insists that Bianca undergo counseling if she wishes to resume teaching. Bianca arrives at the Walkers to visit April just as Heath drops an unwell Dex off. She and Heath share an awkward moment. On Irene's advice she visits Rocco's grave, where she once again finds Heath. She apologises to him but he tells her he can't be with her - he let his Dad kick him in the guts all his life, and then Bianca. He can't do it anymore.

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There's nothing like a good 'love triangle' to heighten the drama in the Bay. Ruby fought to win Romeo's love from Indi and Ricky had to compete with Charlie's ghost.



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