Monday episode 5641 - 06/11/12

Brax and Heath try to convince Kyle to confess to kidnapping Casey. Kyle isn't cooperating. Tensions are high between Casey and Kyle, resulting in Casey punching Kyle in the face. He escapes the Braxton's house and Brax worries for Casey's safety. Natalie sees Kyle on the pier and alerts Heath and Brax. Kyle agrees to go with them on the basis that he never wanted to leave. He ran away only to show them that he's not going anywhere. However, he is still resistant to testifying on Casey's behalf.

Natalie convinces Sasha to tell Casey she may be pregnant, but Sasha can't find a good time to have the conversation with all that's happening in Casey's life. She decides she wants to leave off talking about it until after the court case so she can be there for Casey, but after talking to Natalie she tells Casey the truth. An overwhelmed Casey struggles to digest the news that he could become a father.

After a movie night, John offers to fix Gina's light, even though Gina wants to call an electrician. Instead of fixing the light he blows the power. John attempts to fix every problem in the house, and Gina enlists Jett to help John. John's attempt to be the ultimate handyman fails and his attempt to fix the plumbing ends in disaster. But his misguided actions to prove his usefulness to his family result in a sweet moment between him and Gina. He's embarrassed by his klutziness and wants to leave, but Gina insists they go to the hospital to make sure John's not hurt.

Tuesday episode 5642 - 07/11/12

Sasha's angry at Casey's reaction to the news that she could be pregnant. Casey tells Romeo, and Romeo relates because of his past situation with Ruby. He advises Casey that having a baby is not a good reason to start a relationship. Romeo convinces Sasha to take the test. Casey apologises for the way he reacted, and he tells her he wants to stand by her. Waiting for the results with Romeo, Casey sees the positive. It looks like he could go to jail and this could be his only chance to have a kid. Sasha is relieved to discover she's not pregnant. The two kiss, but Casey is worried about hurting her - he could be in prison for a long time. Sasha confidently kisses him. His pending court date is all the more reason to do what he wants now.

Jamie is hanging around Leah's work. He apologises over taking VJ out on the jet-ski. Jamie's evasive about Adam when she questions him on his relationship, but remarks that she's a good mother. Later, he shows up uninvited to play video games with VJ and Jett. Leah is furious to find Jamie playing with her son. She makes him promise no more gifts or surprise visits. Jamie stays for dinner, and it seems like it's his last chance to redeem himself, but Leah is irritated when he acts too fatherly around the boys. She tells him they can't be together, and Jamie takes it badly at first, but soon calms down.

Gina tells John she wants their lives to return to the way they were. John sets up a romantic dinner for Gina, despite the lack of electricity, but Jett interrupts. They tell him that John's moving back home.

Wednesday episode 5643 - 08/11/12

Leah is surprised to learn that the 'top secret' job Adam wants Liam to do is party planning for a cocktail event by the pool. The Diner gets broken into and trashed, Liam suspects Jamie could have something to do with it. Leah and Liam confront Jamie, who protests his innocence. Adam gives them an alibi for Jamie's whereabouts and they leave. When they're gone Adam is furious that Jamie messed up the Diner. Jamie invites Leah to his fathers' party, and she agrees in order to get close to Bianca and disprove his alibi, but Liam convinces her not to go. Jamie is upset that Leah hasn't arrived at the party and she's not answering her calls. He steals Liam's phone and calls her. An unsettled Leah hangs up when she realises its Jamie and not Liam who has called. Liam looks through Jamie's room and finds a photo of Leah and VJ that Jamie stole and pasted his face on top. Adam finds him.

Natalie advises Leah to tell Brax about their suspicions about Adam, but Leah doubts Brax wants to hear it. Meanwhile, Brax tells Adam about his problems with Kyle testifying. Adam offers to sort it out so that Kyle won't have negative consequences for kidnapping Casey. Brax is grateful and agrees to come to the party. He arrives at the party, looking forward to a night away from his brothers and their problems. Natalie arrives at to help Leah and Liam scope out the place, but it's clear Brax is on her mind. Before she can leave Brax tells her he wants to be with her, but she rejects him.

Romeo and Indi discuss whether they should have a baby, following Sasha's pregnancy scare. Indi reacts badly to Romeo suggesting they should think about it. She's angry with Romeo for not considering their situation, and how difficult and irresponsible it would be to have a child where they are right now. Sid agrees with Indi, but also thinks as husband and wife they should talk about it. At a romantic dinner, Indi and Romeo talk about the idea of having a family where Indi reveals she does want to have a family, just not now.

Thursday episode 5644 - 09/11/12

After being caught in Jamie's room, Adam tells Liam to leave. Liam tries to take Bianca out of the house, reminding Adam of their deal that if he worked for him Adam would cut Bianca loose, but Adam protests he'll take care of her. Liam shows Leah the photo of her and VJ that Jamie stole and augmented. Leah is totally freaked out. Liam goes to Heath to tell him about Bianca. Heath is angry that Liam didn't rescue Bianca. He goes over to Adam's to try and get her, but Bianca refuses and tells him to leave. Adam tells Bianca he could get rid of Heath for good, and Bianca, a little unsure whether this is a joke, says no. She goes out to the Diner to see April and Irene, who are pleased to see her after her absence. Bianca tells a concerned April that being at Adam's is helping her. Adam shows up at the Diner and assures Leah he'll speak to Jamie about keeping his distance from her and her son. He also offers money to cover the costs of the damage to the Diner, without admitting Jamie was behind it. Leah accepts, warily, commenting that the situation is similar to how she parents VJ - when he does something wrong, she as the parent makes amends.

Lisa is staying with the Walkers after her fallout with Neil. She has no money, and doesn't want to involve the police. She meets up with Neil at Angelo's. She wants to leave, but Neil wants to convince her to come home. When she resists he threatens her. Sid is angry when he finds out that Lisa had lunch alone with Neil. Sid convinces her to take an AVO out against Neil.

Dex feels positive after he receives some good results. He's gloating because he's been beating April at games. Sid's at the front gate when Dex calls him on the mobile. Dex is teasing his father, asking him to get treats for him, when the phone goes quiet. Dex is concerned. At the front gate Sid is lying on the ground, unconscious.

Friday episode 5645 - 10/11/12

Sid is at the hospital after being knocked out. He tells the kids he doesn't know how it happened, but it's clear he and Lisa suspect Neil. Indi also believes Neil was behind her father's attack. Sergeant Emerson tells Sid he knows there have been issues with Lisa's husband - he broke the news of the AVO to Neil and he took it badly. Sasha and Casey get to the hospital as a couple, where they are faced by Dex who is in a state of consternation upon discovery that they are back together. Sid is similarly shocked, and disapproving. Indi makes it clear that Lisa's problems are a burden the Walkers' can't face, and Lisa leaves. Indi regrets her harshness. Sasha asks Sid to give Casey a second chance. Sid tells her she's a child and Sasha angrily asserts that she had to take a pregnancy test. To Sid this confirms his daughter's immaturity. He tells her to end it with Casey. Dex asks Sid to reconsider the way he deals with Sasha. After talking with Dex, Sid apologises to Sasha, and asks for no more secrets between them. He then asks Indi reveals she was harsh with Lisa. Sid finds a dejected Lisa at Angelo's. He sets her up in a motel, and she thanks him for everything.

Brax gets Kyle to make a statement to the police. Casey is preoccupied with his upcoming court date, and just wants to spend time with Sasha. The police don't believe Kyle's story, especially since Casey won't be pressing charges against Kyle for the kidnap. Casey wants Kyle to leave, but Brax says he has to stay until Kyle can take the stand. Kyle casually asks why they haven't talked to Tamara. Shocked to find out she's real, Brax goes to tell the police to track her down. He apologises for not believing Casey. Later, Casey falls asleep with Sasha on the beach. The next morning Casey wakes up to Tamara standing over him and Sasha. She slaps him and walks off.

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