To share your favourite moments with other fans, click on the 'Favourite Moments' graphic on the timeline and fill in the form. Here are some of the scenes you have chosen.

Zohra (NSW): The episodes where Nicole had been kidnapped and left to die with Geoff on an island and Roman came to her rescue, Rambo style.

Bianca (VIC): We have watched some of the most beautiful weddings thought out 25 years of home and away every wedding has been intriguing and a memory.

Jade (NSW): Ruby finding out Charlie is her mum and Charlie and Brax first kiss.

Bront (TAS): My favourite moment was when Rachel and Tony got married their wedding was so beautiful.

Wendy (NSW): 25 words for 25 years no chance the show gets better and better I have maybe missed 10 episodes in 25 years is that sad or mad fan at 35 years old????

Sabrina (NSW): Sally and Flynn's wedding was the best episode ever, although as my favourite couple every event of theirs was brilliant!

Jacqueline (VIC): I loved it when Brax closed the kitchen window then Charlie removed the towel around his waist. Seconds later, Leah walked in on naked Brax.

Melanie (QLD): It was when Casey finely decided to give it a try with Sasha. Even knowing he could go to jail but Sasha doesn't care.

Joela (NSW): My favourite moment on Home and Away was when Casey was kidnapped this is my favourite because it gets interesting and gets so intense but I'm glad that Brax found him.

Rebecca (WA): My favourite moment was when the River Boys came, because they changed everything and everyone, and the storylines were more interesting.

Lorraine (NSW): In the last 25 yrs my best moment was when Aden and Belle met,it was chaos at first but in time their hearts became one.

Madeleine (VIC): My favourite moment was when Charlie and Brax got together! They were the best couple on Home and Away!

Zoe (VIC): My favourite moment was when Liam and Bianca got married because I love that couple and Palm Beach is where I want my wedding.

Emily (WA): My favourite moments were when Bianca came to the Bay and Dex's car accident.

Michael (VIC): My favourite moment in Home and Away was seeing Kirsty and Kane get married. I will never forget that moment.

Glen (VIC): Jack Holden's death for sure. Definitely didn't see it coming, and the way it was done was brilliant. Pulled on every heart string.

Alex (NSW): 1995 Plane Crash. Angel, Dylan and Tess are stranded in the bush after the crash.

Jackie (VIC): Sally crying at Mr Moss's hospital bed after being told he is dead. He thought she was his daughter. 1996 shortly before Michael's death.

Choose your favourite moment from the timeline or any other memorable moment from the last 25 years.

Latest from Home And Away

  1. Home and Away: The Week That Was (July 18-21)

    3:38 Home and Away: The Week That Was (July 18-21)

    Nate is torn between Danika and Tori. Duncan returns to the Bay. Mason makes a move on Evie. The Morgan's are still bickering.

    Also featuring:
    Evelyn 'Evie' MacGuire
    Dr Nate Cooper
  2. Weddings: Alisa & Alf

    0:29 Weddings: Alisa & Alf

    Episode 86, Angel and Shane get married.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  3. Weddings: Angel & Shane

    0:29 Weddings: Angel & Shane

    Episode 1662, Angel and Shane get married.

    Also featuring:
    Shane Withington
  4. Weddings: Bobby & Frank

    0:29 Weddings: Bobby & Frank

    Episode 243, Bobby and Frank get married.

  5. Weddings: Pippa & Michael

    0:29 Weddings: Pippa & Michael

    Episode 757, Pippa and Michael get married.

  6. Weddings: Marilyn & Donald

    0:29 Weddings: Marilyn & Donald

    Episode 2036, Marilyn and Donald get married.

    Also featuring:
    Marilyn Chambers
  7. Deaths: Belle Taylor

    0:29 Deaths: Belle Taylor

    Episode 4916, Belle Taylor dies.

  8. Deaths: Jack Holden

    0:29 Deaths: Jack Holden

    Episode 4770, Jack Holden dies.

  9. Deaths: Noah Laswon

    0:29 Deaths: Noah Laswon

    Episode 3805, Noah Laswon dies.

  10. Deaths: Gina Auston/Palmer

    0:29 Deaths: Gina Auston/Palmer

    Episode 5725, Gina Auston/Palmer dies.