NOW our UK fans can buy a copy of the Official collector's edition Home and Away Magazine.

Purchase a copy online. It is not available in stores.

The special edition features 12 pin-up posters and all new content including exclusive interviews with the Home and Away cast, behind the scenes secrets and surprises on what lies ahead.

Retailing at $9.95, the 132-page magazine is on sale now in Australia and will be available in New Zealand from Monday 26th November. All other countries can purchase online.

Full cast poster available in the magazine

Editor of the Home and Away collector's edition, Andrea Black said, "Our million + fans have grown up watching the show, and we're very proud to be bringing them more of the iconic Australian drama."

"The one-shot presents a unique opportunity to extend the TV show's content to a magazine audience, in an innovative, bright and engaging way."

The Home and Away official collector's edition will be available from newsagencies and selected retailers, and can be purchased online at

Watch our Special Moments video to take a trip down memory lane.

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  1. Home and Away: Thu 11 Feb, episode 6360

    21:22 Home and Away: Thu 11 Feb, episode 6360

    Roo invites Maddy and Matt to move in with her. Oscar offers to accompany Skye to visit her mum. Josh realises he has to turn his life around. And guess who's back...

    Also featuring:
    Josh Barrett
  2. Home and Away: Thu 11 Feb, episode 6359

    21:20 Home and Away: Thu 11 Feb, episode 6359

    Baby Casey's health deteriorates. Josh has a moment of passion with Louisa. But at what cost? Chris is furious with Hannah. Can their relationship be saved?

    Also featuring:
    Casey Braxton
  3. WHAT NOW?

    1:23 WHAT NOW?

    He's back. But what on earth is he going to say?



    This was adorable. But can they make it work? Who should Ricky choose?

    Also featuring:
    Ricky Sharpe
  5. Andy is leaving.

    0:41 Andy is leaving.

    Is this fair?

    Also featuring:
    Andy Barrett
  6. A new thing?

    0:35 A new thing?

    Is it just us, or do these two have major chemistry?


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