Heath and Brax arrive in Melbourne with Kyle's address. A young woman answers the door and says she's never heard of Kyle.

After some persuasion from the brothers she admits he stayed there, but has gone now. Tensions rise between Brax and Heath as the frustrated duo search for their missing brother.

See how many streets and Melbourne landmarks you can name in this video clip at the boys hunt for Kyle.

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  1. Home and Away: Mon 30 Nov, episode 6337

    21:33 Home and Away: Mon 30 Nov, episode 6337

    Ash tells Phoebe that Brax is alive.

    Also featuring:
    Phoebe Nicholson
  2. Charlotte knows.

    1:39 Charlotte knows.

    Is Ash putting Ricky and Kyle's life in danger?

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
    Ricky Sharpe
  3. She's unravelling

    1:05 She's unravelling

    Kyle is furious at Charlotte. But wait until he finds out the whole truth.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  4. Home and Away: Wed 4 Nov, episode 6318

    21:38 Home and Away: Wed 4 Nov, episode 6318

    Charlotte lures Kyle into her dangerous game. Can Matt hide his true feelings from Maddy? Has an old car brought a fresh start for Ash?

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  5. She's drawing him in...

    0:24 She's drawing him in...

    Kyle's involved now. But what will it cost him?

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  6. Hot for her...

    0:44 Hot for her...

    Kyle's getting tricked. But will he give Charlotte the information she needs?

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
  7. Heartbreaking Tribute

    1:10 Heartbreaking Tribute

    Kyle's amazing song for his lost babies.

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton



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