"It is almost like they've written the character just for me," says Ruffo, who joins the cast as Summer Bay newcomer, Chris.

"He is fun and cheeky, he's a bit of a ladies' man and a little bit cheesy like me. He's a traveller who has been around, much like myself."

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  1. Come on Oscar!

    0:42 Come on Oscar!

    The heart stopping moment Skye's Mother held her captive...

    Also featuring:
    Oscar MacGuire
  2. Hunter is broken...

    1:29 Hunter is broken...

    Hunter's been putting on a brave front. Here's the moment he let it all out. It was heartbreaking!

  3. Nice but awkward.

    2:02 Nice but awkward.

    We think Oscar handled himself like a true gentleman!

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    Oscar MacGuire
  4. Some happy news...

    1:22 Some happy news...

    Things have been a bit tense in Summer Bay. It was nice to see a beautiful moment between Maddy and Matt.

    Also featuring:
    Maddy Osborne
    Matt Page
  5. Home and Away: Thu 4 Feb, episode 6355

    21:17 Home and Away: Thu 4 Feb, episode 6355

    Can Oscar save Skye from her Mum? Billie prepares to face her charges.

    Also featuring:
    Oscar MacGuire
  6. Home and Away: Thu 4 Feb, episode 6354

    22:06 Home and Away: Thu 4 Feb, episode 6354

    Are Matt and Maddy moving too fast? Hunter grieves for Charlotte - but who is he hiding from Olivia?

    Also featuring:
    Maddy Osborne


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