Monday, October 15 - Ep 5626

* Bianca doesn't want Heath in her life anymore.
* Casey and Brax struggle to prove Kyle exists.

* Marilyn suggests they turn the surf carnival into a fundraiser for SIDS.

Tuesday, October 16 - Ep 5627

* An old friend arrives to help the Braxton's find Kyle.
* Sid and Lisa keep their relationship from Dex.
* Dex reveals to Sid that Lisa is married.
* Sasha comes to terms with the state of affairs between herself and Casey.

* Brax heads off to find Kyle.

Wednesday, October 17 - Ep 5628

* Sid and Lisa work on their baggage.
* Romeo decides not to compete in the carnival.
* Jett and VJ steal John's fireworks.

* Gina and John unite to foil the boys' plans.

Thursday, October 18 - Ep 5629

* The Spring Carnival goes ahead.
* Heath and Bianca are conflicted about their involvement in the carnival.
* Casey and Sasha decide their relationship is toxic.

* Gina and John present a united front when punishing Jett.

Friday, October 12 - Ep 5625

* Bianca looks to drugs as an escape.
* Leah hooks up with an attractive guy.
* Natalie won't go back to Brax with all the mayhem in his life.

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