Monday episode 5601 - 10/09/12

Roo comes home to learn from Alf that Harvey has jumped to the wrong conclusion (re: Roo choosing Tim over him) and has left. She tries incessantly to call him, leaving numerous messages. Meanwhile Harvey, having discarded his phone, has driven to the city to visit Lottie, arriving late at night, he sleeps in his car. In the morning Mel invites him in and they discuss his heartbreak. Mel offers for Harvey to stay the night to wait for Lottie, who is away on camp. As Roo tries one last time to call Harvey, leaving a message professing her love, Harvey and Mel kiss.

Indi visits Liam to quit her job at Angelo's. She quickly angers when Liam clumsily tries to explain his reasons for breaking up with her. When Indi tells Romeo that Liam dumped her, he sharply tells her that he can't be her shoulder to cry on due to their history. Liam tells Leah that the reason he was having doubts with Indi was that Romeo was her first point of call when in crisis and the one who truly made her smile when needed. Indi overhears. They agree to be friends.

Romeo has decided to enter the surf carnival but re-injures his knee when training. Sid's prognosis is a ruptured ACL and it won't heal in time for the carnival. Marilyn discusses herbal remedies but he begins to research steroids.

Tuesday episode 5602 - 11/09/12

Casey is working out throughout the night rather than sleeping. Brax, suspecting the Casey is struggling, suggests he enter the surf carnival to take his mind off things. Whilst surfing, Casey falls into the water, half asleep, dreaming of his father. He almost drowns but wakes just in time. Brax witnesses this but Casey will not talk to him. Natalie tells Brax that Casey's behaviour is normal, especially for one who has been through an ordeal. Brax breaks into Casey's locked room, discovering all of Casey's belongings piled against one wall. Brax pushes Casey to talk but only receives a smack in the chops.

Harvey wakes in bed with Mel and quickly has to dress when Lottie arrives home. Upon Lottie's advice, Harvey calls Roo and learns the true object of her affection, him. Mel is angry with Harvey's "deception" but agrees not to tell Roo about their night together. Harvey arrives back in Summer Bay wanting a fresh start with Roo.

Vj is still unimpressed with Liam. Jett comes by to apologise but is distracted by his fanboy love of "Liam Murphy". Leah explains to Liam how to deal with Vj. Vj breaks a vase but Liam takes the wrap when Leah gets home. Liam gives Jett advice on how to patch things up with a mate, Vj overhears. Leah sees through the vase ruse but Vj owns up without prodding. Discussion of Jett makes Liam think of his son Ash. He tries to call but Chelsea hangs up on him.

Wednesday episode 5603 - 12/09/12

Heath wants to help more with Rocco. Bianca wishes to return to work part-time, he offers to babysit Rocco. Bianca talks to Irene about Heath's ability to look after Rocco by himself. Heath realises her doubts.

Dex is tired of the hospital and wishes to go home. Sid tries to explain to him and then April that he is not ready yet. Dex gets heated, confused by his assessment by the panel of doctors. Sid is told that a rehab clinic in the city has a bed available for Dex but he is reluctant to accept. When told of the rehab clinic, Dex panics thinking Sid is giving up on him. Sid concedes and agrees for Dex to come home. April is happy that Dex is coming home but Sid sternly warns her that it will not be easy on anyone.

Casey comes to Natalie, upset over hitting Brax. Brax shows Heath the state of Casey's room. When cleaning, they find the map to the desert. Casey talks to Natalie about his dreams and comes to the conclusion that he is becoming his father. Csaey gets a tattoo across his shoulders "All or Nothing"

Thursday episode 5604 - 13/09/12

Sid explains to Indi & Sasha that Dex is coming home and that they will all need to pitch in to help. April asks Sid if she can stay at the farm to help. He is reluctant but agrees. Sid thanks all for their help in Dex's return but asks for only family to be present as not to fluster Dex. April checks with Dex if its ok for her to stay at the farm. He apologises for when his mood swings had got the better of him. Sasha begins to worry that she will not cope looking after Dex. Dex begins to settle in

Heath is still angry with Bianca. April tells him to talk to Bianca and not her as she has her own problems. Bianca comes to talk but Heath kicks her out. Bianca asks Gina if she can return to work part-time. Gina agrees. Heath, wanting to do something productive, and to prove himself, takes Brax to the farm to help Sid prepare the house for Dex's return. Despite her own concerns, April finds time to defend Heath to Bianca. Brax tells Bianca to give Heath a chance. Bianca apologises but Heath delays forgiveness.

Not knowing he had lied, Marilyn tells Gina that she had dinner with John the other night. Gina gives John a chance to come clean but he lies again. Gina asks Marilyn what happened at the dinner. Marilyn is dumbfounded as to why John would lie. Marilyn speaks to Alf about John and Gina, concerned of the implications. Gina confronts John about his lies. She admits she doesn't trust him now

Friday episode 5605 - 14/09/12

Casey acts weird with Romeo. Kyle is following him. Romeo asks Sasha is Casey is ok. Sasha visits Casey. She talks about struggling with Dex's return. They go for a drive to the bush. Kyle follows. Casey's strange behavior concerns Sasha. She talks more about Dex. Kyle is angered when he spies Casey's new tattoo. Casey and Sasha make out a bit.

John comes to the diner to apologise to Marilyn for her involvement in his lies. Gina arrives and breakfast is awkward. John again apologises to Marilyn for his lies, then they have moment. John explains to Gina the reasons for his foolhardy actions. They agree to begin again. Marilyn is concerned that John may want more than friendship. John still feels the third wheel behind Jett.

Harvey is distracted whilst Roo makes wedding plans. Marilyn's talk of John's "betrayal" makes Harvey think of his own. Harvey rings Mel to make sure she will not speak of their tryst, Romeo overhears. Harvey attempts to explain himself to Romeo who gives the advice to "fix it". Harvey's guilt continues to play on him until he finally admits to Roo that he slept with Mel.

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