Monday, September 17 - Ep 5606

* Roo and Harvey argue over his infidelity.
* Sasha is upset by Casey's about face after sleeping with her.
* Sid is struggling with the burden of caring for Dex.

* Casey's defeatist attitude is concerning everyone.

Tuesday, September 18 - Ep 5607

* Brax finally discovers how hard Casey is struggling.
* Sid mourns the son who has not returned.

* Despite everything, Roo still loves Harvey.

Wednesday, September 19 - Ep 5608

* Jett & VJ both train, with the fear of failure in hot pursuit.
* Marilyn's awkwardness with John leads Gina to think there IS something going on.
* Romeo continues to train despite everyone's advice against it.

* Sid is buckling under the pressure of holding the family together.

Thursday, September 20 - Ep 5609

* Romeo does not seek medical help, he seeks Steroids.
* Roo can't move on from Harvey's infidelity .
* Bianca continues to doubt Heath.

* Gina admits she's neglecting John, but doesn't trust him with Marilyn.

Friday, September 21 - Ep 5610

* Going bush with Brax is healing for Casey, until he disappears.
* Bianca's fears come to fruition; Rocco has been taken to hospital.
* Harvey and Roo lay down their respective terms for their relationship.

Discover more

  1. Birth: Casey Braxton

    0:29 Birth: Casey Braxton

    Episode 6196, Casey Braxton, son of Brax and Ricky was born.

    Also featuring:
    Casey Braxton
  2. Birth: Martha Mackenzie

    0:30 Birth: Martha Mackenzie

    Episode 169, Martha Mackenzie, daughter of Roo and Brett was born.

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart

    1:03 KICKED OUT

    Mr. Stewart is over Roo's meddling.

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
  4. Home and Away: Wed 13 Jul, Episode 6468

    21:32 Home and Away: Wed 13 Jul, Episode 6468

    The Morgan family may be fractured forever in the wake of Brody's injury. Roo and Alf clash over Duncan. Ash wrestles with the decision over what to do with Andy's dirty money.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  5. Brax lashes out at the Barretts

    1:41 Brax lashes out at the Barretts

    Remember that time the Braxtons and the Barretts hated each other?

    Also featuring:
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton
  6. Bonnie Sveen says goodbye to Ricky

    2:42 Bonnie Sveen says goodbye to Ricky

    Bonnie Sveen reflects on her time as Ricky Sharpe... including her thoughts on the Brax/Nate/Ricky love triangle.

    Also featuring:
    Bonnie Sveen
    Ricky Sharpe
  7. FLASHBACK: Brax & Ricky Kiss

    1:14 FLASHBACK: Brax & Ricky Kiss

    We're wishing the happy couple all the best on their fresh start.

    Also featuring:
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton


    Is this the last time Roo will see her dad alive?

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart


    Roo admits her struggle and promises to get help.

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
  10. Thursday June 9th, Ep 6444 & 6445 Gallery

    3:12 Thursday June 9th, Ep 6444 & 6445 Gallery

    Phoebe meets Brody. Alf makes Roo admit she has a problem. Billie hangs out with VJ's friends. John says goodbye to Skye.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart



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