Monday, September 17 - Ep 5606

* Roo and Harvey argue over his infidelity.
* Sasha is upset by Casey's about face after sleeping with her.
* Sid is struggling with the burden of caring for Dex.

* Casey's defeatist attitude is concerning everyone.

Tuesday, September 18 - Ep 5607

* Brax finally discovers how hard Casey is struggling.
* Sid mourns the son who has not returned.

* Despite everything, Roo still loves Harvey.

Wednesday, September 19 - Ep 5608

* Jett & VJ both train, with the fear of failure in hot pursuit.
* Marilyn's awkwardness with John leads Gina to think there IS something going on.
* Romeo continues to train despite everyone's advice against it.

* Sid is buckling under the pressure of holding the family together.

Thursday, September 20 - Ep 5609

* Romeo does not seek medical help, he seeks Steroids.
* Roo can't move on from Harvey's infidelity .
* Bianca continues to doubt Heath.

* Gina admits she's neglecting John, but doesn't trust him with Marilyn.

Friday, September 21 - Ep 5610

* Going bush with Brax is healing for Casey, until he disappears.
* Bianca's fears come to fruition; Rocco has been taken to hospital.
* Harvey and Roo lay down their respective terms for their relationship.

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  1. Home and Away: Mon 30 Nov, episode 6337

    21:33 Home and Away: Mon 30 Nov, episode 6337

    Ash tells Phoebe that Brax is alive.

    Also featuring:
    Phoebe Nicholson
  2. Home and Away: Thu 12 Nov, episode 6325

    21:39 Home and Away: Thu 12 Nov, episode 6325

    Can Nate give his father a second chance? Alf helps Roo get over James.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  3. Roo's choice.

    2:01 Roo's choice.

    Alf and Maddy are left reeling after Roo's dramatic decision. But is Roo really happy?

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
    Alf Stewart
  4. Poor Roo

    1:27 Poor Roo

    The moment you realise your know it all Dad was actually right.

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
  5. Cousin for Casey?

    0:57 Cousin for Casey?

    Who was expecting this? Do you think this is the best outcome for the unborn baby?

    Also featuring:
    Casey Braxton
  6. Denny misses Casey

    0:30 Denny misses Casey

    It was pretty hard to see Denny grieving all over again. But did Kyle and Ricky forget?

    Also featuring:
    Denny Miller
    Casey Braxton
  7. Home and Away preview - Thur 30th July

    1:43 Home and Away preview - Thur 30th July

    James wants to meet Roo's nearest and dearest. Watch this exclusive sneak peek.

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
  8. They tried...

    0:45 They tried...

    Irene and Marylin tried their best to help Roo out...But she's not too happy with their advice. Perhaps they've been out of the game too long?

    Also featuring:
    Irene Roberts
    Roo Stewart
  9. Billie knows...

    0:34 Billie knows...

    But should she tell Ricky the truth about Brax?

    Also featuring:
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton
    Ricky Sharpe
  10. Will he regret this?

    1:01 Will he regret this?

    Ash has told the truth about Brax. Could this be the biggest mistake of his life?

    Also featuring:
    Darryl 'Brax' Braxton


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