Mystery man
Mystery man

Fans are always upset when their favourite characters leave the show. After the recent departures of David Jones Roberts and Rebecca Breeds we can expect to see some new faces in the Bay.

First up is our mystery man. We have seen glimpses of him with Danny and next week he follows Casey and Sasha into the bush.

Sasha and Casey

Whilst we can't reveal who he is, we can confirm that his is involved in one of Home and Away's biggest storylines, filmed on location in South Australia.

Next, we have Rachael Beck. The former Hey Dad actress will play a physiotherapist named Lisa Parker, who will be helping Dex with his recovery following his car crash. She has a few surprises in her storyline which cause a certain doctor to do some soul searching.

We can also look forward to some faces from the past. Much loved character Morag Bellingham played by Cornelia Frances will return, with her sister Celia played by Fiona Spence.

And lastly, TV week reported that Sea Patrol and Underbelly: Razor star John Batchelor will appear as one of Harvey Ryan's best friends, and ex-E Street actor Richard Huggett will be popping up in an as-yet-unknown role.

There's lots to look forward to with some massive weeks of drama coming soon on Home and Away at 7pm weeknights.

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