Monday episode 5581 - 13/08/12

Still convinced that Romeo will be better off without Indi in his life, Ruby patiently awaits for Indi to drive the car she tampered with. But when Leah tells Ruby that she reminds her of Charlie, Ruby realises that what she's done is wrong and tries to warn Indi.

In the meantime, Indi and Liam struggle to figure out where their relationship is going. They decide they need to take some time away from Summer Bay and be alone to see where things head. As they are getting to know each other, Indi misses Ruby's call, warning her not to drive the car.

But Ruby is too late, as Dex has borrowed the car off Indi in order to get a large housewarming present he bought for April back to their new place. At home, April is preparing a surprise for Dex that he may never get.

Tuesday episode 5582 - 14/08/12

Liam and Indi confirm they don't regret spending the night together. Then Indi hears the frantic voicemail from Ruby and becomes worried when April calls, saying Dex hasn't returned home. Liam and Indi ride to find the car wreck. Meanwhile, Ruby's alarmed to hear of an accident's happened as Alf joins the SES effort. Sid and Sasha hear the news of the accident, too.

Dex is extracted from the car. His family race to join him at the hospital as Bianca delivers the news to April. Sid faces the reality that Dex's condition is not good - he tells everyone he has a serious brain injury and may lose his life. Even after surgery, Dex hasn't improved. Bianca tries to rally April by reminding how Rocco got through his ordeals as Sasha struggles to cope with the possibility of losing her brother.

Romeo's surprised to see Liam in the middle of all the drama but lets it go in light of everything else happening. When he later asks Leah, she refuses to give him an answer. Afterwards, Romeo finds Indi at Liam together at the farm. He's shocked but Indi tries to show him how all of this is his fault - playing Ruby's voicemail. Ruby later admits the truth to him and he can't believe it. Ruby's deeply regretful of her actions.

Things get even worse when Dex's heart stops. Sid dives into action as April watches, terrified. Dex's life hangs in the balance.

Wednesday episode 5583 - 15/08/12

After some medical complications, April struggles to find answer about whether or not Dex'll make it. She looks to Sid, who is himself struggling with the fact he can do nothing for his injured son. When Irene suggests that April give up their new rental, April refuses, and shuts everyone out. Both April and Sid close themselves off from the world.

Jett's paternity test results are nearing, and Gina and John are finding it hard to get Jett to open up about how he feels. They assure him that they will support him no matter what the results say, and when they come is stating that Richard Bozic is Jett's father, they realise that their future together as a family is jeopardy.

The police are searching for Ruby, for they believe she's tampered with Indi's car, resulting in Dex's accident. Summer Bay is shocked by the news, and when they find Ruby at Dex's bedside, she tries to beg for forgiveness, but no one will have it. Ruby realises that she needs to do the right thing and turn herself in, but she needs to do one last thing before she does|

Ruby shows up at Brax's. When Brax tries to convince her to run, Ruby refuses, explaining that she's not there for his help, but instead to tell him that he needs to let the anger of Chalie's death go; it's the only way to move forward. And with those wise words, Ruby says her final goodbye to Summer Bay and goes to turn herself in. Realising that Ruby is right, Brax visits Charlie's grave to get some closure.

Roo and Harvey return from the city to the bad news of Dex's accident. When Roo learns of Ruby's involvement, she is even more disappointed, feeling responsible that she wasn't there for Ruby in her time of need. When Harvey realises that all this bad news is not good for Roo, he decides to propose to her again - this time with a ring.

When Natalie reveals to Brax that Casey has been staying with Danny, and not his mother, Brax becomes concerned with what Casey is getting himself into.

Thursday episode 5584 - 16/08/12

Just having heard that Casey lied to him about where he's been staying, Brax is concerned that he's is getting himself into more trouble. When he can't get in touch with him, Brax decides to break into Danny's van to find any clues as to what he could be up to. He learns that Danny has been planning a job on a local pub, and rushes to get there before Casey does something he'll regret.

In the meantime, Casey and Danny are shacking up in a motel, getting ready for the job. Casey is trying to get details out of his father, but Danny is keeping Casey out of the know. When they show up at a pub, and Casey sees that Danny has a gun, he tries to talk Danny out of it. But Danny won't take no for an answer, and forces Casey into an armed robbery. When they capture a hostage, Danny tries to see how far he can get Casey to go, and tells him to kill the witness. Casey struggles with the decision, and Danny reveals that he's known about Brax and Casey's plan all along. As Brax and Natalie arrive outside the pub, we hear a gunshot - is Brax too late to save his brother?

It's Gina's birthday, but Jett has disappeared. Concerned that the news of Richard Bozic paternity results has rattled Jett, John and Gina worry that maybe Jett has run off again. But when Jett turns up at Gina's birthday lunch with a present, everything goes back to normal. That is, until Molly turns up with the news that Jett's father has applied for full custody.

Roo and Harvey set a date for their wedding.

Friday episode 5585 - 17/08/12

Brax enters to discover Casey shot their father, who's still clinging to his life. Brax is happy to let him bleed out but Natalie implores him to call an ambulance - if Danny dies then Casey will be charged with murder. Brax intimidates the hostage to go along with his fabricated story to protect his little brother but Casey doesn't let him, confessing to the crime. Meanwhile, Natalie struggles to process Brax's competency in dealing with the hectic situation. Heath finds out what happened and they all receive the news that their father has died. Brax beats himself up over letting Casey play games with Danny while Natalie tries to reassure him it was out of his hands.

Natalie breaks the news of Danny's death to Marilyn, who's upset and disappointed with the news. Alf buoys Marilyn by telling her how wonderful her positive point of view is.

Roo finds an email from a 'Tim' that seems to have her flustered. Alf picks up on this and gets the story from her - her ex from New York is coming to Australia and wants to catch up. Meanwhile, Harvey unwittingly meets him. Roo later runs into Tim and their history comes out - Roo had an affair with him and he ended up choosing his wife. He's left his wife and come to the Bay - for Roo. He wears her down into agreeing to sharing a coffee but it's awkwardness all round when Harvey walks in and is gets an impromptu introduction to his fiance's ex-boyfriend.

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