Ada Nicodemou and Madeleine Stowe are both raven-haired beauties but their on-screen characters are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Leah is sweet and caring, whilst Victoria Grayson is manipulative and downright mean!

Ada is a massive fan of the show, so we asked her few questions:-

1. Is Revenge your favourite current TV Show?

Absolutely, Chrys and I love to sit down and watch it together

2. Who are your favourite characters?

Definitely Jack, Emily and of course Victoria Grayson

3. Which character would you like to play?

Victoria - I have always wanted to play a bitchy character, she is really meaty character and an actor's dream

4. Who has the best wardrobe?

Ashley. I love everything she wears - love her hair and make-up and I want her wardrobe for Leah!

5. Do you family/friends watch with you?

Chrys and I watch it together, but my friends watch it as well and we talk about it the next day.

6. Who do think the body on the beach is?

All throughout the series I have been thinking it's Daniel, and I'm hoping it's not Jack!

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