Monday, April 16 - Ep 5496

* Ruby is in trouble and Brax seeks to intervene.
* Logan has another crack at Indi.

* Harvey meets his daughter, Lottie.

Tuesday, April 17 - Ep 5497

* Everyone learns of Sasha's plans to move.

* Ruby is angry at Brax's interference in her case.

Wednesday, April 18 - Ep 5498

* Sasha discovers Felix may not need her.
* Henri chooses between her career and Casey.

* Dex gets 'bad boy' coaching.

Thursday, April 19 - Ep 5499

* Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy.
* Heath blows Henri and Casey's secret.

* Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies' time.

Friday, April 20 - Ep 5500

* Roo, Harvey and Lottie spend time together.
* Dex tries to turn chess skills into cash.
* Heath keeps after Bianca, rattling Liam.

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