Monday episode 5486 - 02/04/12

Sasha attempts to steal a book she gave to Stu before his death that has an incriminating message written in it, but is caught by Margaret. She escapes only to later return to try and explain what happened the day of Stu's death, but Margaret is still too broken to hear it.

Sid confronts Margaret over his suspicion that she is poisoning Alan, but when she reveals that she caught Sasha trying to steal evidence implicating her in Stu's death, Sid fears that Margaret will go to the Police.

Indi and Romeo are still at odds when Indi goes on a seemingly harmless date with Logan. Indi resists a romantic encounter with Logan, but unbeknownst to her, Ruby has speid them together and tells Romeo. He suspects he may be losing her affections, and persuades her to try and make their marriage work.

Tuesday episode 5487 - 03/04/12

Margaret is arrested after Sid reports her to the Police for poisoning Alan. But when Sasha reveals to Sid that she went to visit Margaret, Sid worries about what Margaret will do with the evidence she has against Sasha. When Alan finds out about his wife's attempted murder, he loses it and rushes out of the Hospital, knocking down a Nurse in the process.

Xavier is upset when he finds out that Sasha went to talk to Stu's mother. When he goes to confront Sasha, he catches her about to run away.

When Darcy overhears April and Heath discussing him being the father of Bianca's baby, Darcy approaches Bianca and asks her why she won't let Heath be a part of the Baby's life. Bianca is dismayed, and when she tries to explain the complex situation to Darcy, Liam walks in and realises that Heath knows the Baby is his. Liam is irate, leaving Bianca uncertain about their future. Bianca is so furious that April let it get out, and tells her that she no longer wants April to be part of her life.

Wednesday episode 5488 - 04/04/12

When Irene demands to know what is going on with Bianca and April, Bianca reveals that Liam isn't the father of her baby, Heath is, and that April told him. Both Bianca and Liam struggle to deal with the situation, and decide that moving out of the Beach House and away from April may be the only way to get their marriage on track.

April is hurt and distressed about Bianca and Liam being upset with her, and in her time of need, she turns to Dex. Dex is more than happy to be there for April in her time of need.

Sexual tension runs high between Casey and Henri as she tutor him, but they are interrupted when Heath shows up to talk to Henri about his troubles. Casey worries about the relationship between Henri and Heath, and his concern is established when he sees them at the Diner looking very comfortable with each other. But when Casey discusses this with Henri, she assures him that nothing is going on with Heath by kissing him.

Thursday episode 5489 - 05/04/12

When Brax is released from Hospital after his head injury, Leah is called to pick him up. There is still some awkwardness between the two since their moment at Leah's house where Brax told Leah to he wants her to stay out of his life. Leah is upset by his coldness, but Roo urges her to move on and ignore her feelings for him. But when VJ tries to become a River Boy, Brax is forced to intervene, thrusting himself back into Leah's life.

Casey and Henri have rekindled their affair, but when their plan to meet is interrupted and they are nearly caught by Gina, it becomes clear to both Casey and Henri that their relationship could get them into trouble.

Meanwhile, at Summer Bay House, Marilyn and Roo stage an intervention to encourage John to become a better housemate, but their plan goes awry when John storms off. Roo confides in Harvey that Gina told her that John used to drive her mad, and when John overhears this, the wedge between John and Gina widens.

VJ's attempt at becoming a River Boy gets him into some troubles with the Police, and when Leah learns that the River Boys are involved, she is left incensed.

Friday episode 5490 - 06/04/12

After finding out that VJ's bad behaviour is result of a River Boys prank, Leah rushes to Brax to warn him to keep away from VJ. But when John convinces Brax that VJ needs to be a positive influence in his life, Brax proposes to Leah that he start a project with VJ in order to keep him out of trouble. Leah, still confused about her feelings for Brax, is apprehensive at first, but when she sees the bond that is forming between Brax and VJ, she is left hopeful.

John takes a proactive approach to the criticism he got from the other inhabitants of Summer Bay House and cleans the house and stocks the fridge. When he bumps into Gina at the Diner however, it becomes clear that he is still reeling from what Gina said about his bad habits. Gina is bemused as to why John is so cold, and confronts him. They battle each other until they realise they are still very much in love, and need to give their marriage another go.

Romeo and Indi return after a revitalising holiday away, and things are better than ever. Indi has learnt to trust Ruby, and support Romeo in his surfing. In the meantime, Ruby is becoming friendly with a fellow surfer Steve. Romeo is suspect on him, but when Ruby sees Indi and Romeo playing the happy couple, she runs straight into Steve's arms.

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