Monday episode 5471 - 12/03/12

April declares her love to Heath as Henri continues her own advances - Heath not giving much to either in return. April believes Heath's planned a romantic getaway, not knowing it was originally Henri's plan for Heath. Bianca finds out about the two-way tussle for Heath's affections and becomes concerned for her sister. Henri plays the final card, bringing her affair with Heath to April's attention.

Tuesday episode 5472 - 13/03/12

April breaks down after finding Henri at her romantic getaway with Heath. Heath manages to convince April he resisted Henri's advances. However, Bianca gets the truth from Henri and convinces Heath to come clean to her sister. With Heath's betrayal now known, April tells Heath she wants him out of her life. Henri, her own feelings hurt, comes to the same conclusion.

Casey is surprised to see Tyler back in town, struggling and homeless. Casey draws a line in the sand, asserting they're not mates anymore. Tyler steals a knife from the Diner with seemingly sinister intentions for Casey.

Irene is inspired by Eddie's passion but Bianca and Colleen reckon sparks are flying.

Roo offers to raise money to support Alf's Thailand charity drive - and also to one-up Harvey's efforts. But she's overshadowed by the generous contribution of Harvey's new girlfriend. Roo struggles to contain her jealousy.

Irene pursues singing further with Eddie, her new vocal coach. But Liam thinks Eddie's more interested in sucking up to him than helping Irene.

Wednesday episode 5473 - 14/03/12

Casey gives Tyler some help getting back on his feet and agrees to camping out with him overnight. Tyler thinks this means they're friends again but Casey admits he's only acting out of guilt. Meanwhile Colleen realises Tyler might have stolen their missing knife. The police knock on Brax's door looking for Tyler, too. Brax puts the pieces together and realises Casey could be in danger. Out in the bush, Tyler snaps and chases Casey, which culminates in a life-and-death struggle. Brax comes to the rescue.

Romeo returns from the surfing circuit with a win under his belt. Ruby says she won't tell Indi she competed too until Romeo's ready for it to come out. At a celebratory dinner with his wife, Romeo comes clean. Indi blows up, disbelieving he kept it from her. Later, Romeo asks Ruby to stop surfing with him.

Brax is continuing his cage fighting to repay his debt to Leah. Brax apologises for making life difficult but Leah just wants him to look after himself.

Thursday episode 5474 - 15/03/12

Sasha is the victim of taunting in the wake of Stu's death. Dex encourages her to dob them in but she'd rather let it blow over. The bullying continues and one of Sasha's friends feels she can't stand by her any longer. Gina suggests to Sid that Sasha stay home during Stu's memorial. Sasha doesn't want to admit defeat but it may prove too much to handle.

Romeo tells Indi he's asked Ruby to drop out of the surfing circuit but Indi feels guilty for taking that away from her. Instead, Romeo offers to stop competing so that Ruby can continue. Later, Ruby tells Indi she's being selfish for causing all this drama and will drive Romeo away. Eventually Indi comes around, telling Romeo she trusts him and that she's okay for him and Ruby to compete together.

Xavier surprises Gina with an early return home but he's concerned that something's up between her and John. John eventually admits they're on shaky ground due to money issues. Xavier asks his mother to give him a second chance. Off the back of Roo's advice, Gina intends to reconnect with John. Instead she sees him accepting money from Brax and is deeply unsettled.

Friday episode 5475 - 16/03/12

Sasha has changed her mind and wants to stay home during the school's memorial for Stu, especially in light of a creepy mail delivery. Sid wants to call the police but Sasha still prefers to leave it be. Later, Stu's father's grief leads to a medical emergency at Angelo's. Sasha holds her own private memorial for Stu.

Meanwhile, Sid tells the family he's been offered a job with the Royal Flying Doctors and drops the bombshell that he wants them all to move to the outback with him. He wants the job and thinks moving out of Summer Bay will help Sasha. Xavier is stunned when Sasha tells him they're moving. Dex is hesitant until Sid offers to buy him a car. Eventually the rest of the family tell Sid they've weighed it up and they don't want to move. Sid is left to decide whether or not he's going to take the job.

John learns Gina saw him take the money from Brax. John tells Gina he's being paid in return for the V8 Casey's friend stole but she's still irritated he kept the truth from her. With tension high, John moves out of their house and into Alf's.

As the charity efforts continue, Roo flirts with a tradie volunteer in front of Harvey, leading to him question whether she's being motivated by jealousy. Stu's memorial prompts Alf to take his charity to the next level and fly to Thailand himself.

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