Beau Brady
Beau Brady

We find out next week how Stu (played by Brenton Thwaites) died, but what is more important is that another gorgeous guy has gone from our screens.

There have been a few over the years. David Croft played by Guy Pearce came to a shocking end when he was killed in a car accident, which left his pregnant girlfriend Sophie to raise their child on her own.

Shane Parrish played by Dieter Brummer died in his wife Angel's arms from blood poisoning following a motorbike accident.

Noah Lawson played by Beau Brady was gunned down in cold blood by the psychotic Sarah Lewis.

Jack Holden played by Paul O'Brien was shot by his colleague Angelo Rosetta played by Luke Jacobz.

Paul O'Brien

Vinnie Patterson was fatally injured in a farm accident.

Ryan Kwanten

Penn Graham played by Christian Clark was stabbed to death in self defense by Will Smith played by Zach Drayson.

Christian Clarke

There have be many deaths in Summer Bay, but please Home and Away, don't kill any more hot guys!

If you could bring back one of the guys above, who would you choose?

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