Monday, February 6 - Ep 5446

* April fears she's losing Heath.
* Brax continues to fight Geoffrey for ownership of Angelo's.

* Xavier attempts to make amends with Sasha.

The new substitute teacher seems to know Heath a little too well.

Tuesday, February 7 - Ep 5447

* Leah tries to help Brax out of debt.
* Bianca slips up at her Hen's night.
* Romeo throws Liam a Buck's party.

Bianca's hens night takes an interesting turn.

Wednesday, February 8 - Ep 5448

* Liam and Bianca make a pact.
* Brax apologises to Leah.
* Irene shuts herself off from the world.

Brax apologises to Leah for yelling at her

Thursday, February 9 - Ep 5449

* Ruby moves into the Caravan Park.
* Dex struggles with his decision not to pursue medicine.
* Alf makes a last minute effort for the Election.

Dex doubts his ability to become a doctor

Friday, February 10 - Ep 5450

* Romeo is suspicious of Dennis and John.
* Alf and Roo manage to get Irene out into the world.

Romeo keeps his eye on Harvey, Dennis and John.