Josh and Ada
Josh and Ada

Josh Quong Tart has played the funny man on Home and Away for the past four years.

He arrived with a backpack homeless and in search of his twin sister Sally Fletcher. They had been separated from early childhood and her only memory of him created her imaginary friend 'Milco'...she couldn't pronounce Miles! Now he leaves Summer Bay to be reunited with her in Thailand.

Check out our final interview with Josh as he looks back over some of his favourite storylines.

And click on the image to see more pictures of Josh with past and current cast members.

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  1. Leah's love life

    Leah's love life

    Leah has been unlucky in love. 2 husbands have died and many relationships have failed.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  2. Unlikely couple

    2:53 Unlikely couple

    Leah and Miles had an awkward chemistry. Ada and Josh describe their first kiss scene.

    Also featuring:
    Josh Barrett
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  3. Sally and Milco

    1:53 Sally and Milco

    Sally (Kate Ritchie) finally remembers her twin brother Miles (Josh Quong Tart).

  4. Long lost twin

    1:09 Long lost twin

    Miles 'Milco' Copeland (Josh Quong Tart) arrives in Summer Bay looking for his twin sister Sally (Kate Ritchie)



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