Monday, November 14 - Ep 5426

* April asks Xavier to the School Formal.
* Bianca wants Liam to buy a family car, but he buys a motorbike instead.

* Marilyn tries to put a positive spin on a tarot card reading

Tuesday, November 15 - Ep 5427

* Dex is upset that April is going to the Formal with Xavier.
* Heath tries to help Brax sell Angelo's.

* Liam discovers the truth about his accident.

Wednesday, November 16 - Ep 5428

* Romeo believes Mink has a drinking problem.
* Alf decides to run against Harvey for Council.

* Criminal Geoffrey King has his eye set on Summer Bay.

Thursday, November 17 - Ep 5429

* Mink reveals to Romeo that she can never surf again.
* Alf realises his campaign for Council needs work.

* Stu hits Sasha.

Friday, November 18 - Ep 5430

* Dex sees a different side to Dallas.
* Sid is too rough when he warns Stu to stay away from Sasha.
* Miles realises Elijah is still in love with Leah.

Discover more

  1. Weddings: Leah & Vinnie

    0:30 Weddings: Leah & Vinnie

    Episode 2998, Leah and Vinnie get married.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  2. Weddings: April & Dex

    0:27 Weddings: April & Dex

    Episode 5873, April and Dex get married.

    Also featuring:
    Dexter Walker
  3. Birth: VJ Patterson

    0:29 Birth: VJ Patterson

    Episode 3190, VJ Patterson, son of Leah and Vinnie was born.

    Also featuring:
    VJ Patterson


    Leah retracts her offer. Billie feels rejected.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  5. Leah's bad news

    0:25 Leah's bad news

    FLASHBACK: Leah recieves terrible news.

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
  6. What you missed: April 25-28th

    3:50 What you missed: April 25-28th

    Olivia gets an abortion. Evie and Josh get engaged. Tank rocks up the bay. Dylan gets fired and kicked to the curb.

    Also featuring:
    Evelyn 'Evie' MacGuire
    April Scott
  7. Home and Away Spoilers: April 25-28

    1:36 Home and Away Spoilers: April 25-28

    This week on Home and Away...

    Also featuring:
    April Scott
  8. Home and Away: Spoiler Gallery 18th April

    0:52 Home and Away: Spoiler Gallery 18th April

    Will Kyle go to jail? Or will Isla take responsibility for her actions?

    Also featuring:
    Kyle Braxton
    Kyle Pryor

    0:28 CHOICES

    Zac and Leah argue over Tank

    Also featuring:
    Leah Patterson-Baker
    Zac Macguire
  10. Home and Away Spoiler Gallery: April 11th

    2:19 Home and Away Spoiler Gallery: April 11th

    A troubled character returns to shake up the Bay and a newly engaged coupled celebrate their love with close friends and family.

    Also featuring:
    April Scott



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