Belinda Emmett
Belinda Emmett

FOR actor Shane Emmett, joining the soap that made his sister Belinda a household name proved an emotional experience.

Speaking exclusively to The Sunday Telegraph, the 35-year-old father of three felt a deep sense of sadness during his time on Home And Away.

"Of all the gigs, I knew it would be difficult because Belinda spent so much of her professional time there. And there are a lot of the characters Belinda used to work with still there, so I found myself surrounded by her," Emmett said.

"I'd come out of the greenroom and there'd be Belinda on the cover of TV Week on the wall. In many ways it was a little sad, but it was also nice to be able to connect with her in that way, to work with some of the same people she did.

"They'd come up between takes to let me know what they thought of her, or to share a little story, and that was emotional at times but ultimately lovely. I was glad for the experience."

It's been five years since Belinda lost her battle with bone cancer. She was 32.

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