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  1. She should know.

    0:41 She should know.

    Alf isn't holding back.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  2. More proof Ed Sheeran is an amazing human

    Kaley Cuoco and Isla Fisher were among the stars to attended a charity event in Malibu hosted by singer Ed Sheeran.

  3. Home and Away: Thu 12 Nov, episode 6325

    21:39 Home and Away: Thu 12 Nov, episode 6325

    Can Nate give his father a second chance? Alf helps Roo get over James.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  4. Roo's choice.

    2:01 Roo's choice.

    Alf and Maddy are left reeling after Roo's dramatic decision. But is Roo really happy?

    Also featuring:
    Roo Stewart
    Alf Stewart
  5. Alf's choice words.

    0:58 Alf's choice words.

    Nobody wants to get on their lovers parents bad side. But when your lover's father is Alf Stewart, it makes things a lot worse.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  6. He's a romantic!

    1:30 He's a romantic!

    Alf's advice to John was hilarious AND adorable.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
    John Palmer
  7. Alf melts hearts

    0:50 Alf melts hearts

    Now THIS is why we love Alf Stewart!

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  8. Home and Away backstage: Anzac Special

    2:48 Home and Away backstage: Anzac Special

    Alf Stewart's bark is bigger than his bite. But what happens when he loses the will to fight? Ray Meagher talks what it's like showing Alf's vulnerable side.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
    Ray Meagher



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