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  1. This week on Home and Away

    This week on Home and Away

    Still confined to hospital, Marilyn’s fussing sends Alf up the wall and an innocent baby photo threatens to tear one of the Braxton brother’s lives apart.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
    Marilyn Chambers
  2. Episode guide Mon - Thu 5931 - 5935

    Episode guide Mon - Thu  5931 - 5935

    The Braxtons arrive in London to win back their girls and Chris poisons Alf and Leah.

    Also featuring:
    Alf Stewart
  3. Friday wrap

    Friday wrap

    Fans met Philippa Northeast, Kyle Pryor, Jackson Gallagher, Tai Hara, Charlie Clausen and Isabella Giovinazzo and great news for Steve Peacocke, Kate Ritchie and Jodi Gordon.

    Also featuring:
    Jackson Gallagher
    Charlie Clausen

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