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  1. So confronting.

    0:56 So confronting.

    Irene's been the rock of some many people's lives. It's now her turn to break.

    Also featuring:
    Irene Roberts
  2. Home and Away Preview - Thursday 26th November

    2:28 Home and Away Preview - Thursday 26th November

    Can Irene face her awful past? Maddy's feelings for Matt grow. Watch this exclusive sneak peek.

    Also featuring:
    Maddy Osborne
    Irene Roberts
  3. Olivia's secret.

    1:39 Olivia's secret.

    Irene gets to the bottom of Olivia's troubles.

    Also featuring:
    Irene Roberts
  4. Marilyn is reunited.

    2:15 Marilyn is reunited.

    Irene's back...but does this moment back Marilyn feel any better?

    Also featuring:
    Irene Roberts
    Marilyn Chambers



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