Memorable Moments

Latest from the Bay

Hunter sees a photo of his real dad and can see the resemblance immediately.

VJ and Coco flirt and he wants to pick her up. Hunter and Olivia encourage it.

Scarlett is unsure whether she and Justin slept together and to be honest, so are we.

Justin tries to be there for Scarlett on a painful anniversary. When Peggy reveals who his father might be, Hunter must decide what to do next. Raffy devises a plot to set up VJ and Coco.

Scarlett wakes up in somebody else's bed and quickly makes her way home but not before running into Roo . While VJ has first date butterflies, will he realise Coco is acting older than she really is?

John flirts with Hunter's grandmother aka Charlotte Kings mother.

Hunter's grandmother realises who Hunter's real father is.