Interview with Ep 4 winner Taniqua

Yahoo7 Updated September 22, 2011, 11:00 pm
Interview with Ep 4 winner Taniqua

Interview with Ep 4 winner Taniqua

What made you apply to be on Four Weddings?
Initially the gorgeous ladies from Beautiful Beach Weddings (our ceremony decorators) e-mailed through an application for the show recommending for us to apply. I went home and told my Hubby about it and he had a smile from ear to ear...His time had come and it was his time to shine!

I didn't want to send in an application as I wanted to embrace every moment and memory of our wedding day and didn't want a bunch of "opinionated" girls putting it down.

But we decided that it would be a fun and memorable experience that we could look back on and have a why not!

Did you have any idea you'd win?
We sent in the application for the show with no expectations to win or even to hear back from anyone.

I don't like to set high expectations on things I can't control and I didn't want to feel dissappointed at the end of it all and that would have taken away from our beautiful day.

I would be lying though if I said the hope of winning that beautiful holiday wasn't in the back of my mind so all of my fingers and toes were crossed.

As you can tell from the show, at the end of it I was so happy and emotional to see my Hubby get out of the car as we honestly didn't have any expectations to win...but we were (are) winners!

Who was your main competition out of the other brides and why?
I said from the beginning after meeting the girls and hearing of their days that I thought Bec and Josh's wedding would be our main competition as you were comparing apples with apples for our beach weddings.

But you can't under estimate anyone as no matter how much effort or money goes into a wedding, you simply can't buy a fun party atmosphere. Everyone really has a level playing field to start off with.

Will you keep in contact with any of the other brides?
I attended the other girls weddings with the intention to be myself which is honest and open minded (funny at times also but not all would agree) but also with the hope that my opinion wouldn't change their own feelings about their wedding day. I had fun with the girls (some a little more than others) but have no doubt that we can look back one day and have a laugh at what was said and done.

What was your favourite part of the competition and why?
I have so many favourtite parts of the competition.

Obviously for me my most favourite part was my own wedding day. It is such a content feeling knowing someone loves you just for being you and then celebrating that committment with your friends and family...Now having my partner and best friend as my Husband...finally being able to share with our family and friends our exciting news that we were expecting our first baby together. It was such a special moment for me to share that...oh and of course our guests dancing the night away and making it such an awesome night and how could I forget about the beautiful fireworks my Hubby surprised me with on the night. Magic!

My second favourite part was seeing my Hubby get out of the car and I remember it wasn't even because that we had won. I was just overwhelmed with (prenancy) emotions that we get to share another beautiful experience with each other.

Other than that I had a great laugh with the girls and also to all of the Producers and staff of the show. They made the late nights much easier and I assure you, it is not easy having to feed and keep happy a pregnant woman at 3am! My experience would not have been the same without them!

What are you looking forward to most about your honeymoon?
Knowing that a majority of our time will be spent caring for our new little bubba and whilst I know the feeling of guilt and tears that will be shead for leaving bub with Grandma and Poppy (not by choice but because it is an adult only island).....Mummy and Daddy time will be exactly what the doctor ordered! We will be taking the holiday on the weekend of our first wedding anniversary and our fifth year together on a beautiful Island...what more could we ask for. Dare I say it but bring on the all inclusive beverages whilst we lay in the sand on our luxury private island! What am I not looking forward to!!! (besides having to part from our bubba which I am still coming to grips with).

For any viewers considering applying to be on Four Weddings, what would you say to them?
I would say if you were thinking of applying to keep your eyes on the prize and by that I mean the "prize" being your actual wedding day experience. It is a celebration (not show) of your love, support and committment to each other.
Don't enter if you don't have thick skin or the ability to be able to have a laugh at the end of it all and to get up to date with all of your just never know what type of wedding you will be attending!

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