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  1. Photos: Episode 6

    Brittany & Maddie have been referred to as the ‘twins’ all their lives, but for formal they are desperate to be seen as the individuals. For dress-up queen Sheri the formal is a time to look demure, think Kate Middleton not Lady Gaga.

    Photos: Episode 6
  2. Photos: Episode 3

    Rock chick Reanna may be outspoken - but she's a family girl at heart. Reanna's dad has especially returned for her year 12 formal and her Mum is determined to make it memorable. Sam and his dad Chris are very close, however they have very different ideas about how Sam's formal should be. Will Chris make the right decision about Sam's bright coloured formal suit?

    Photos: Episode 3
  3. Photos: Episode 2

    Country girl Stephanie and label princess Victoria both desperately want a hot pink hummer as their formal transport. While Stephanie’s dad is stuck on his classic car, Victoria’s mum Tina has an incredible ace up her sleeve!

    Photos: Episode 2
  4. Home and Away Formal Memories

    Take a trip down memory lane - a collection of formal photos from previous Home and Away episodes over the years. Can you recognise any one?

    Home and Away Formal Memories
  5. Photos: Episode 1

    Shanique and Montana. Tears of despair or joy? These two school friends struggle, and fail, to keep their cool as they see their formal dream vanish.

    Photos: Episode 1
  6. Formal Wars: Celebrity high school flashback

    See the high school formal photos of Nat Barr, Damien Bodie, Lincoln Younes and others in this retro flashback.

    Formal Wars: Celebrity high school flashback