Doug Ellin, creator of 'Entourage', details some of the lesser-known facts about the show

BUILD Series Sydney
10 months ago
Brooklyn born, LA-living, Doug Ellin is the creator and Executive Producer of 'Entourage', that ridiculously successful television show which launched back in 2004 and gave the first real insight into what it was like to be a celebrity living in Hollywood. Having aired for 7 years, 8 seasons, 96 episodes, and a feature film, 'Entourage' was dubbed Sex In The City for the boys! Strap in, as Doug details some of the lesser-known facts about the show, how it came about (queue Mark Wahlberg), some fun-facts and his latest project, 'Victory The Podcast'...with you guessed it, Johnny 'Drama' Chase and produced by none other than Kevin Connelly aka Eric 'E' Murphy.
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