Johnny Ruffo Rules Dancefloor, Kerri-Anne Returns In Style

Johnny Ruffo is the Dancing with the Stars series 12 champion, winning the coveted mirror ball trophy with partner Luda Kroitor.

The X Factor finalist went out with a perfect score of 30 in his final dance, and said he was amazed to have won the competition. “I said I’d be stoked if we made it to week five,” he said. Johnny praised his charity, Youth Off The Streets, for the incredible work they did within the community. “In my opinion kids don’t have a lot of choice in life… so I really appreciate the charity.”

This is the second win for the five-time undefeated World Salsa Champion. Luda took home the trophy with Luke Jacobz (Home and Away) in 2008.The series Grand Finale was a dance-off to the end between Johnny Ruffo, singer/songwriter Danielle Spencer and Packed to the Rafters star Zoe Cramond.After scoring the lowest in her first dance for the night, dancing darling Zoe was the first finalist to be eliminated, leaving Danielle and Johnny to battle it out in the Freestyle round.Judge Joshua Horner said the Cha Cha face off highlighted the talent of our final three. “Some people have a romance, some bloke’s have a bromance. Right now, I have a showmance!” And after Johnny ripped his shirt off during the performance, Helen Richey said she was impressed: “You should have taken your top off earlier darling!”Tonight our previously departed celebrities also took to the stage with their final dances. Daniel MacPherson praised Kerri-Anne Kennerley for her courage returning following her announcement she was battling breast cancer. “It has been gut wrenchingly, nauseatingly difficult (and) terrible,” Kerri-Anne said. “I’ve got the most enormous support… everyone’s been so supportive but tonight is all about the joy of dancing.” Her partner Carmelo Pizzino was emotional as he talked about the relationship with Kerri-Anne: “We’ve got a lot more dances to do together.”In a night of star studded performances, Olivia Newton-John took to the floor tonight to perform her smash hit "Xanadu", while Shannon Noll - unable to dance following the spinal injury that forced him out of the completion in week four - performed "It’s A Man’s World" from his new album.After combing the judges scores with the viewer vote the final scores were:JOHNNY RUFFO & Luda Kroitor 28 (Foxtrot) + 26 (Cha Cha face off) + 30 (Freestyle Dance)
DANIELLE SPENCER & Damian Whitewood 28 (Jive) + 27 (Cha Cha face off ) + 29 (Freestyle Dance)
ZOE CRAMOND & Aric Yudekin 28 (Jive) + 27 (Cha Cha face off)Check out the highlights of the show in our video section!

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