Follow-up with Henry Roth

What has been your favourite Beauty and The Geek moment to date?

Always my favourite moment is when you look in the eyes of these people. You can see in their eyes that they are starting to get the fact that worry and fear will deliver nothing. Those are the gems that I love.

You are always so generous with your style advice, even offering to keep in 
contact with contestants after the show. Have many previous contestants stayed in touch with you?

You know, this is an ethical requirement I ask of myself because this is a very profound experience and I aim to shoot straight and retain my professional integrity. Generally the lights don’t go down when the lights of the show are turned off. Regarding being in touch with people I have mentored in the past I am proud to say that Julie Grbac who was winner of the first series of Project Runway Australia is now my neighbour 2 blocks away from where I live in Manhattan.

Do you think our Geeks will be able to maintain the looks you have given 

The whole idea is that I want this to be practical. Sometimes it takes additional confidence and the reality of the real world. They all have my business card and they are welcome to email me at any time.

What are three key items every guy should have in his wardrobe?

Every guy needs sexy underwear, a pair of jeans that he feels confident in and a jacket that is an essential piece. These are the backbone of his wardrobe.

As you know first impressions count... what type of attire would you recommend guys select for a first date?

I think a guy knows what look he ultimately owns, looks good in and it’s no bad thing to wear items of clothing that he knows he’s had positive feedback in because positive feedback makes you feel really good.

What is one fashion trend you would like to never see again?

The frames I wore when I first got glasses in the 1970s. Totally scary, how could so much frame cover so much face?

What exciting ‘Henry Roth’ projects do you have on the horizon?

Creating our bridal brand broadcasting tv called Rothtv, putting some interesting logs on the fire with regards to tv projects in Australia and the US, successfully seeing the introduction of Henry Roth gowns in Hong Kong and Canada, becoming the inaugural mentor for a New York City funded fashion fellowship starting in 2013. I’m also getting far more involved with an incredible event called AATFA, I judged the fashion runway live via Skype and watch this space because it will become huge. By the way the talent from the teenagers is mind blowing. On a personal note, finally seeing my sister marrying in 2013 and doing it all over again all next year because after all life is the pursuit of happiness!

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