Henry Roth on Styling Cody and Dane

What did you think of Cody’s sweater vest? Do you think a lot of people get stuck on the certain items of clothing?

It’s interesting because I think we all have the capacity to get stuck in a uniform. Those pieces which are comfort zone pieces on high rotation which loom large in peoples closets in one level we should keep and wear them but not at the cost of squashing our own personal vehicle of self expression. In particular I think that the vest is good but too much of a good thing – you know the answer to that one. Is there a place for these in a guy’s wardrobe? If you know how to funk it up or wear it as a serious look but remember to work with it and don’t let it stifle you.
What was your style inspiration for Cody?'''

I wanted to really get to some urban, real, grounded and even rugged sense of style here. I wanted Cody to just get out of that comfort zone and understand that only fear was stopping him from being well rounded. There is nothing to be scared about because the look is really hot, really fun and once you get into the swing of it it ain’t difficult to put together. It needed to be plausible and relatable he seemed detached and difficult to get through to so I thought this look was almost a lifeline that was not just supporting confidence but tapping into areas of his own psyche that needed to see the light of day. I also wanted to make sure that he didn’t have a really amazing look and then think ‘Where did I get that from?’

Dane had a completely different makeover look to Cody. What was your style inspiration for him?

I wanted to go for that Clark Kent really clean cut, confident, cool as a cucumber look. Once Dane got everything washed and styled I wanted to highlight his really excellent physical features he has great teeth and great cheekbones. The casual preppy look that Jon Hamm wears is what was coming to mind and I thought it needs to pop have attitude and he needs to know how to shop for it afterwards and you can’t go past that blazer, tie, jean, shirt look if its thrown together well it’s just full on fabulous. I wanted to keep it young and fresh but I thought we could add sophistication without aging him. The look was designed to make the beauties to lose it - obviously as you know I try to keep my standards very high.

We noticed Dane sported some new frames. Do you think ‘nerd’ glasses are on trend right now?

I think since time immemorial when Clark Kent wore his nerdy glasses, the intelligent vulnerable masculine message that those frames give out that some women want to smother and some women want to mother and all want to bother to get to know that guy.

Did you base your style ideas on our Geek’s personalities or where you looking to give them complete change of character?

I don’t think people buy changes of character. I don’t think people are looking for us to do a drastic change. What we want to see, the beauties want to see, Australia wants to see are unique changes that multiplies who the candidates can be a thousand-fold, they want to see the person that was always there waiting to come out.

What are some of the signature items of you used for Cody and Danes outfits?
For Cody the signature item was the baseball cap, the leather jacket, the trainers that is what creates this look. They need to be significant pieces and sometimes it’s worth paying a little bit more, it’s not difficult to get these items but be warned its important to shop around because the variance and the gap between different brands and qualities it very big. Sometimes it’s better to get one item which is aa little more expensive and that is what upgrades the overall look.

For Dane the frames and that jacket to me says it all. The tie also has a classic twist. Those are the key elements that Dane can use to build his wardrobe on a daily basis.

Cody and Dane both seemed like completely new men post makeover. Do you think people underestimate the effect personal presentation has on confidence levels?

I think that the truth of the matter is that we are born in our own skin and how often do we stop and analyse, for the most part being too self conscious is not healthy. When people do stop they come to realise that what you choose to wear is your personal branding and tweaking upgrading and evaluating your look and evolving can be a lot of fun socially and let’s face it in 2012 who doesn’t like a bit of fluidity?

What can we expect for your next round of geek makeovers?

Always expect it to be real, human, dramatic, profound, fun and expect yourself to look at that screen and think ‘no way’ and the answer my friend is ‘yes, every way’

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