Ashlea Talbot's Men's Style Guide

Did you enjoy your experience as a judge on Beauty and The Geek?

I’ve judged a few pageants in my time but this was definitely one of the most fun and entertaining. The contestants were fabulous!

What are your tips for building personal confidence?

Honestly for me its having faith and giving it to God. Let your faith be greater than your fears! It also helps to have someone close to you who can build you up and give you that boost.

What are your key tips for making a great first impression?

Posture is a huge one it really helps with confidence, eye contact and also a big smile.

What are three qualities you find attractive in a man?

A sense of humour, not taking himself too seriously. This sounds cheesy but confidence as well and I also like a man to look like a man.

So what kind of men's style do you appreciate?

Everyone is different but every guy needs a style that reflects their personality to an extent. But for me I like a guy who looks like a grown up. No t-shirts, ripped jeans and backwards caps!

What is one fashion item or trend do you think all guys should avoid?

Really super low jeans! Or a combination of the skinny leg and really low jean – that is the worst!

If you were in charge of our geek makeovers what are some of the changes you might implement?

I think just making sure their facial hair is well groomed. No wild hair! Just keep that hair under control I say.

What are your thoughts on guys and fake tans – yes or no?

That’s a really tough one! I am going to say yes it’s ok. I would have said no but I had an ex boyfriend who did it and it looked fine so I have come round. Its good for muscle definition!

And finally, do you have any secret geeky hobbies or interest?

I like doing crossword puzzles!

See Ashley in this week's episode of Beauty And The Geek, Thursday 1st November, 8:30pm.

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