“I don't know whether ‘Geek’ would be the right term for me. I just see myself as Bendeguz. The one, the only and utterly unique.”

Quite the old fashioned gentleman, Bendeguz dresses immaculately and is often told he should have been born five decades earlier.

“I'm regrettably not from as high a lordship background as I would possibly like to be,” he says. “I am a caricature to my family and as much of a mystery to them also.”

After his parents immigrated from Hungary, Bendeguz says he wanted to make them proud. But it wasn’t always easy and throughout his school years he endured constant bullying.

“I changed schools because of it and that was unpleasant. I had no friends for a year and was bullied, so I changed schools again.”

Embracing his individuality early, his penchant for finery started young, hounding the garage sales for affordable items.

“Eventually it just became fun, and I really enjoyed it and I just felt comfortable,” he says.

His passion for history continued and he is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in History.

“The Interbellum period of the 1920s and 1930s in my eyes is the most vivid and dynamic period of humanity.”

This history buff is hoping to learn how to handle himself in front of what he believes is “the biological perfection”.

Enduring his fair share of bad experiences with women in the past has left quite a scar. “I've been rejected or failed with the 26 women I’ve attempted to date, with nil success rate, so understandably that leaves an impression.”

The thought of sharing a room with one of the beauties terrifies him, having not been accustomed to being in such close proximity to women.

“I believe it is inappropriate to look upon a woman lacking clothing – unless she explicitly wants you to do so, so I do not ogle,” he says.

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