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Wow, two eps this week. Lets keep this tight, we got a lot to get through. We open with Jason and Kristy discussing the game, and Dane and Millie move in together. This place has a way of condensing time and it's clear how much Dane and Millie like each other. Bernard tells the gang we have a Maths challenge and a Beauty challenge.

Kim and Richard discuss algebra and Jason tries to addition with shoes and It's challenge time. And I am apparently not the only person in the world who remembers The Dukes of Hazzard. A bunch of dirty cars turn up and I don't know why, but I keep expecting Bernard to say someting like: "Hello Beauties, I want to play a game..." In fact from now on, the challenges will be described as games from the Saw franchise.

"Most of you have spent your lives living as clean as possible. Will you give that up to show you know the score? Make your choice". The rules seem simple: Solve three equations using numbers hidden beneath the filth. How very Watchmen. It all pretty much comes down to the final equasion which Kim solves, giving her and Rich the power for another week!

Winners: Kim and Rich

After the challenge, the geeks get some beauty tips (Including Dane being wrapped in gladwrap) we head across the bridge to the Beauty School where our next challenge happens. "Hello Geeks. I'd Like to play a game..."

CHALLENGE 2: Fashion Victims
"You have spent your lives admiring beauty from afar. Are you willing to take the responsibility into your own hands? Make your choice". There is a 45 minute time limit and a victim for each of the geeks to play with. Best two go on to the final round. Lets cut some hair. There are so many things that can and Will go wrong here I am beginning to think that The geeks are not the one's getting punished and now, a Free haircut isn't exactly the deal it sounded like. After what seems like a nightmarishly long time it ends with Jason and Chard taking it out. The second round is a Waxing Race. Yes. A RACE. It's really close game but Jason takes it out.

Winners: Kristy and Jason

We head back to the mansion for a Dinner. there are 10 covered plates which our team reveal to be.... THE HEADS OF THE ELIMINATED CONTESTANTS! Ok, I know I'm hitting the horror button kinda hard this week but GOD DAMN! It becomes evident very quickly that this is the almost standard "Return to the Mansion elimination quiz" Our two winners will have to pick two teams to allow back into the game. I do love the inversion of the first spa scene. That is really clever and adorable. Millie and Dane get all adorable, which is is becoming a weekly occurance, not that I am objecting, and we get down to the meaty meaty discussion time...

Kristy and Jason take a strategic route in who they choose, whereas Kim and Rich get more into the emotional side, who they would like to hang out with and who the show would help most. Both legit options. The end results are Jack and Nicky and Jessica and Nathan. After dicussions of Comebacks, the Quiz begins proper

The geeks are first up and Jack gets the first question right.
Nathan doesn’t know about Take That and gets it wrong
Jack knows who Steven Bradbury is, and has a solid 2 - 0 lead

Nathan knows who Drew Barrymore is and the GAME IS BACK ON

Nikky knows who John Howard is to take the lead
Jess keeps the fight alive by knowing what a Second Wind is


NICKY AND JACK ARE BACK INTO THE GAME! They are so happy to be back it’s pancakes all round! Dane gets adorable with cupcakes and Balloons, it doesn’t end well. Bernard says it’s bodybuilding challenge (more geek nudity, hooray!), and the Beauties will have a geeky idol challenge.

I was joking earlier about Bernard being Jigsaw, but now I’ve said it, it’s hard to unsee it. Especially when he reveals (in order of adorability) Rats, Eels and worms. “Hello Beauties, I would like to play a game....”

CHALLENGE 1: Grossout Idol-ology
“You have spent your life hiding in fear from the things you find unpleasent, disturbing, gross. Are you willing to put that aside, and show your partners you have what it takes to stay here? Make your choice” Pretty easy. Recreate faces of geeks from Puzzle Peices found in the tanks. Kristy and Chontelle take to the finals where they up the ante. This time, the boxes are opaque. Luckily its filled with Ducks, Raw Sausages and gel. Chontelle wins and Jack gets a makeover. Naturally he looks stunning.

Winners: Chontelle and Cody

He’s learning things about picking women up and I am mentally burning every copy of The Game in my head. You know., the only really muscle building I’ve ever been exposed to is The Rocky Montage. Foul Drinks, Long runs, pushups, not very pleasant really, not something I am a fan of. We are at Castle Hill and Our geeks walk out in their underwear. “Hello Geeks. I want to play a game....’”

“Your entire lives you’ve been picked on by people who were physically stronger than you. Will you enter their world? See what they go through, Become what you hate the most, to stay alive? Make your Choice”
This looks kinda like a giant game of Dance Dance Revolution. Moves are called, the geeks pull them off. I can’t, guys, I just can’t. At least Cody is having fun with this. The voting happens and Dane wins!

Winner: Dane and Alin

You know, with the nomination, it really is becoming very, VERY difficult to deal with. This close to the end, it becomes stabbing your friend in the back, n matter what you do. Both teams obviously are having a difficult time with this. Nicky and Jack and (Again) Kristy and Jason get up. Everyone is clearly very uncomfortable with all of this.

Nikki is first and gets Fruit Bat correct
Kristy knows what to call the fear of Spiders to tie up the game
Nikki knows Scorpio and holy moley this is close

Kristy NAILS Maggot babies and we have a 2 all game for the first time in AGES

Jack starts it up and has no idea who Mark Wahlberg is and we have our first wrong answer so far
Jason knows exactly who Ryan Gosling is and keeps himself alive

Jack guesses the wrong answer and Jason and Kristy prove again that they are much stronger than everyone thinks they are.

Well that was fun, wasn’t it. I do enjoy games. Game Over

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