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Hello everyone! Welcome to the event the entire country has been waiting for… the super geek makeover mega-blog! I’m your host, Jimmy, and we are about to go through the entire makeover saga from start to finish. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Rich and Jason are doing a puzzle when Dean and Cody rock up for kissing practice. Relax ladies, it’s not going what you think it is. I’m kinda disappointed too. Kim comes in and gives some actual advice and we move to the challenge announcement.

Oh look, a beauty pageant. Ok, I promise I won’t go on a rant. I’ve done that a lot lately. First our geeks will be placed in swimwear, our Beauties will talk about topical issues, followed by a joint talent show. Rich and Millie discuss the global financial crisis, Dane and Alin discuss rapping and Jason and Kristy dance.

Let’s get this out of the way quickly shall we? I am not a fan of people getting naked for the entertainment of others, but gotta hand it to the guys though, they all uniformly rocked it. Extra points for Bernard, ahem, nakedly insulting the guys. Well done. The girls do not fair much better. Luckily the Talent Quest really did save the segment. Cody and Chontelle and Dane and Alin stole the goddamn show. They both RIGHTFULLY win makeovers.

Let’s cut to makeover day where we see Dane hugging a dinosaur (adorable!) being woken by Alin. He seems a little nervous. Cody seems to be coping a little better. Millie and Dane discuss their relationship and, yeah, it looks like this is going to be happening! SQUEE! It looks like Cody is the first to meet celebrity stylist Henry Roth! He’s looking well and he’s got BIG plans for Cody.

It’s go time and I am intrigued by the idea of covering all the mirrors. I’m willing to admit seeing how I looked raised my arrogance factor a little after my makeover. Dane is our first geek out and... DAYUM! Out from the shadows comes a suit wearing, smokin’ Dynamo. He looks stunning. Cody comes out to equally deserved praise. He looks fly. Fly is the word I would use to describe how Cody looks. Guys, you look AMAZING!

Naturally, to “test” this new-found confidence, our intrepid geeks must now go on a date with any beauty they choose. Without a doubt Dane is going to choose Millie, but what is Cody going to do? Naturally he chooses his Beauty, Chontelle. Dane and Millie play lawn bowls! I love lawn bowls! It’s a real game of skill and Millie didn’t do too bad for her first time. Cody takes Chontelle to Madam Tussauds wax museum. After getting a few historical figures wrong, DANE AND MILLIE FINALLY KISS AND IT IS MAGICAL AND LAWN BOWLS CREATES LOVE!

Nomination time. Let’s hope it isn’t as farcical as last time. No such luck. This time there isn’t even going to be a quiz. If you are nominated, you go home. I’m starting to think the guys writing the questions are out of ideas. The couples, both on the safe side of the fence and the elimination side of the fence are understandably freaking out. Nobody has any idea what anyone else is going to do. Luckily though, both teams do the right thing and vote nobody. Which is frankly a relief. I’ve talked about the bonds that form in here before, and this is more evidence about that. Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

We open the 2nd makeover episode with Millie and Alin ensuring Dane maintains looking as solid as he did last episode and we get an official stance on Rich and Greta. It seems things might be moving a bit too quickly for our ever-intrepid Rich. We get this things started with the announcement that we are halfway through the game. There will be a geography challenge and something about pickup lines. I don’t know. Let’s get this going...

After a quick brush-up on geography and a little racism from Jason, the powers-that-be have AGAIN gotten the geeks into their underwear and are now hooked up to what could best be described as a contraption.

Challenge 1: Ouch!
Shock of all shocks, I am correct. This is a wedgie machine. The girls are going to get asked questions and the geeks are going to get punished if they get them incorrect. It’s EXACTLY like our electroshock challenge, only with an added humiliation factor. Millie spares Chard getting hoisted, Alin does not do as well and Dane is hoisted. Kristy is asked how many states there are in America. And you know what? That is not the correct question to ask. What Bernard means is “How many states are there in THE UNITED STATES of America.” Basically he asked how many states there are in the two continents, North America and South America. Regardless the answer is 50 and Jason bites it. This looks painful. It’s hard to watch. Particularly when Chard gets literally suspended. Finally it ends with Yiran getting hoisted and Kim and Rich take it out.

Winners: Kim and Rich!

FINALLY we get the Makeover announcement! Let’s not mince words. This is what everybody, both watching and on the show, is watching for. We all wanna see what our favourite geeky heroes look like without the hair and the beards and the glasses. I am not an exception to that, but I am worried that Chard is going to lose his heavy metal viking look. Anyway, Greta and Rich decide to slow things down. Which is, while heartbreaking, one of the smartest decisions I’ve seen in the house. I keep saying how much time compresses in there and things like relationships get rushed and people get hurt. For what it’s worth I DO hope they get back together.

The makeover team have been working really hard on our team of heroes. Yiran is our first cab off the chopping block and He looks AMAZING. He’s just as shocked as the rest of us at how he looks. The blonde hair makes it for me. Rich is out next, he’s lost the beard and glasses and I am SURE he would look at home on a yacht. Jason, the one I am looking forward to the most, does NOT disappoint. The afro is gone and he looks most dapper indeed. Chard is all that’s left. Our favorite viking has morphed into an AWESOME 90s throwback. The man looks stunning. So now they all look stunning, it’s dating time.

Challenge 2: Blind Desperation
Our heroes will be meeting a complete stranger who they must make laugh, maintain eye contact and make physical contact. We get the ball rolling and we find out, that the dates will actually be our beauty’s family! This could be.... interesting. It appears that our geeks are doing OK impressing the family of the girls. I am actually kind of impressed. These girls have been training the geeks to, basically, pick up their mums and sisters. The date comes to an end and we learn the truth. Everyone takes this in the fun that it clearly is, and CODY takes it out.

Winners: Cody and Chontelle.

We are getting into the business end of things now. Kim and Rich argue about nominations. This is where it gets difficult. Friends, alliances, bonds, all of that comes down to the hammer at this point. I am not surprised there are issues about who to nominate. Cody and Chontelle are much more rational, but this is clearly difficult. Rich and Kim begrudgingly choose Kristy and Jason. Cody and Chontelle put up Greta and Yiran. One team that have never hit the chamber before takes on the vets. Rich and Greta have a heartfelt discussion… Tonight is turning out quite difficult to watch isn’t it?


Look, by now you know how this works. Jason and Kristy vs Yiran and Greta.

Our Beauties kick this off. Kristy is up first and gets the United Nations correct. Greta is asked what animal represents the WWF (NO, WRESTLING WAS LAST WEEK!) and NAILS it! Kristy knows that Obama replaced Bush and takes the lead! Greta is asked what country Gallipoli was in, and falters for the first time in the game.

JK = 2

YG = 1

In come our geeks and Jason comes out SWINGING with Apple being Paltrow and Martin’s child. Yiran falters at a solid gold rocking horse and it’s over. Yiran and Greta are going home. I’m sorry.

JK = 3

YG = 1

That’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading!

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