“I’ve never approached a guy, been dumped by a guy, or asked a guy out.”

The doppelganger of one of Australia’s most attractive and photographed women, Jenna is used to turning heads. A Lara Bingle look- a-like, she is constantly mistaken for the controversial reality TV star.

“All the time random people come up to me and say ‘Oh, are you Lara Bingle?’ and I answer ‘No’, but they’ll still ask, ‘Can we get a photo?’ It’s so funny," laughs Jenna.

Being beautiful has been both a blessing and a curse for the Kiwi-born stunner who moved to Australia six years ago. She is rarely without male attention, but her appearance at bars, nightclubs and parties inevitably arouses the ire of other female patrons.

“When I am out, girls judge me straight away, which really upsets me. They never want to be friends and only care about being the centre of attention.”

The Mosman skincare consultant believes her kindness is her greatest strength. She intends to use it to help put her Geek at ease while she sets about improving his style and confidence. In return, she hopes he’ll improve her English and Maths.

“I enjoyed English [at school], but then they started getting too much into Shakespeare and I’m like, ‘That’s not even English!’”

Jenna hopes her appearance on Beauty and the Geek will kick-start a career in media as a celebrity gossip reporter or fashion stylist. She loves clothes and works out regularly to maintain her figure. She just wishes her pet rabbit would join her on exercise outings.

“I took her for a walk and got five metres down the street when she just about had a heart attack. I think she doesn’t like dogs barking and cars going past. She’s like ‘Oh my God! What are you doing to me Mum?’ But dogs like to walk; I don’t see why rabbits wouldn’t.”

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