“I’m not really used to competing in a studying manner but I could still do it. I think my competitive side will push past that. Hopefully.”

When Maddy took a year off school to become a professional cheerleader it wasn’t just for the dance experience - she had an ulterior motive.

“I was young for my year and I wanted to be 18 for schoolies week,” she confesses.

So while returning to school wasn’t about learning at all, Maddy now says she somewhat regrets paying more attention to her social life than her studies.

“It was pretty pointless doing Years 11 and 12. I can do algebra, but I can’t do any other form of maths. So that could help me a tiny bit. I’m not the best at history but I reckon if somebody taught me, I’d be okay.”

But her geek might run into some trouble when it comes to getting dance teacher Maddy to listen.

“I’m so used to giving out orders. If someone tells me what to do I’m like, ‘No. That’s my job. You listen to me.’ So I mean, I can do it, I’m okay at listening to people but I’d rather be giving the orders than receiving them I guess.”

And even when it is her turn to offer tuition, Maddy won’t be afraid of hurting people’s feelings in the name of winning.

“I’m an excellent teacher. Like, I’m not gonna tell somebody they’re good if they’re not,” she says.

But her win-at-all-costs approach works and Maddy has been in numerous winning cheerleading squads, including representing Australia in the US.

“I do competitive cheerleading like Bring It On stuff. It’s like lots of tumbling, lots of throwing in the air. You get muscles from it. No-one believes me. Everyone thinks it’s running around with pom poms but it’s totally not that at all.”

Energetic Maddy plans to teach her geek some of her signature moves in the hopes of loosening him up.

“I’m gonna teach them how to dance in a club. I watch every weekend from behind the bar. The dudes fail miserably at dancing in the club and I just feel so bad for them. When I’m with my friends in a club, I always be nice to the guys that try and dance with us.”

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