About the Show

Beauty and the Geek Australia is back with a bang for its fourth season. But what will happen when we introduce our very first millionaire geek into the mix?

Will the Beauties throw themselves at the cashed-up Geek when they discover his identity? And will the other Geeks see him as a threat and join forces to eliminate him, viewing him as too privileged to take part in this fun social experiment?

It’s guaranteed to be an amusing mix of gorgeous Beauties and academically-gifted Geeks.

Our Beauties are vivacious, fun-loving girls who enjoy socialising and being the centre of attention. They’re preened and ready to take centre stage. But ask their opinion on politics, the solution to a mathematical equation, or how to reboot a hard drive and they’ll be stumped.

Our Geeks are intellectual pin-ups. They love sci-fi, comics, gaming and computers. They are socially-awkward, conversationally-challenged and some are still waiting for their first kiss.

Throw 10 Beauties and 10 Geeks into a mansion together, team them up to compete in a series of challenges to test their brains and charisma and watch as they evolve.

There will be plenty of fun, laughter and teamwork along with miscommunication and frustration as our teams bond and struggle to overcome their differences in pursuit of a $100,000 prize.

Each contestant will need to share their strengths with their partner, who will hopefully overcome their own weaknesses, in order to succeed. We’ll see the Beauties study up on mathematics, etiquette and geography. For the Geeks there will be an action-packed Bond challenge, some fashion photography, flirting lessons and wrestling.

Throughout it all they’ll be working together to keep themselves safe from elimination.

Beauty and the Geek Australia is executive produced by Paul Melville for Seven and Marty Benson for Shine Australia.

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