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Hi everyone,

I am writing up a final blog to wrap up the fantastic ending Season 3 of Beauty and the Geek Australia, but so much happened in it and I have had such a busy weekend that I unfortunately haven’t had the time to complete it yet. However, for those reading the forums I did promise a special treat for the more fanatical followers of BATG, and here it is!

One of the most common questions I get about Beauty and the Geek is whether or not I keep in touch with the other contestants, and how people ended up after the show. Therefore, I decided as a treat to my loyal readers, I would fill you in on what the contestants of 2010’s Beauty and the Geek are up to one year on.

Nicola, SA

You may remember her as: the girl brave enough to walk on stage in a Spiderman bikini with an Iron Man Arc reactor on the bottoms.

“If I could have a superpower right now it’d be invincibility”

Nicola has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, an engineer for quite a while now, and went to the US with him for a trip earlier this year. She continues to work as a nanny in Adelaide but is going to begin study next year to become a teacher!

Nicola with her Boyfriend in Miami

Stuart, SA

You may remember him as: The comic book Geek who went for geek points rather than strategy in the elimination challenge and guessed 42. Also he was once an alien:

“I’m trying to channel the power cosmic”

Stuart decided to give himself a bit of a makeover and lost an extremely large amount of hair. He also decided it was time to quit living in a basement and is proud to say he now resides above ground. When I asked Stuart what the latest news with him was, he replied:

“Stuart continues to work in IT and watch far too much television while reading an unhealthy amount of comic books. At one point, he ruined two ligaments in his knee while learning he'll never be a professional skiier

He rambles barely lucid conjecture on the state of modern pop culture and anything else he happens to notice on Twitter and tumblr (he's cheesequake on both.)

He’s also picked up a few moves on the dance floor, which in this picture he is showing off to Brooke

Linette, WA

You might remember her from: the ear piercing squeals she let out when picking up bugs in the insect challenge, but then later becoming attached to her witchetty grub and refusing to eat it.


Linny always seemed to me like she was secretly a bit of a geek and she proved it the other day when she completed her university studies and obtained her nursing registration. Next year she is excited to be beginning a job at the biggest (and she claims the best) hospital in WA.

That top says “I (heart) Geeks”. Look out gentlemen!

David, VIC

You might remember him from: his kamikaze flight into darling harbour which required medical boat intervention.

Whatever David was saying/thinking here probably cannot be published

David is currently three years through his degrees of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering. He is also still participating in Rovers and is but is also proudly embracing his geekhood as he has recently joined a Role Play and Magic (as in the game, not the breaking of science) group at his university.

Having a drink with Dave when we both went to Perth to catch up with Linette

Ellie and Brooke, QLD

You might remember Ellie as: the girl who looks like Brooke, and Brooke as the girl who looks like Ellie. 2010’s Twist couple were also very memorable (at least to us) by the way they finish each other’s sentences.

The producers of the show did not make it easy for us to tell them apart when they got them to dress the same.

Apologies to Ellie and Brooke for putting them together, they must be sick of being treated like one person, but as they do a lot together their stories are similar so it’s just easier this way. The Twins have become quite entrepreneurial, starting up their own line of jewellery (called XOX) and they have also started professionally DJing, both locally and interstate. Brooke is in the Miss Universe competition and Ellie is an official 2012 Monster girl. They also regularly appear on Channel 7 talk shows whenever there is a new story discussing twins. Also, very importantly, Ellie is now a redhead and Brooke a blonde so I no longer have trouble distinguishing them.

This makes me want to listen to music.

George, QLD

You might remember him as: the extremely Aussie bloke with an Akubra hat, booming voice, fascination with dinosaurs, and no fear of unnecessarily baring it all for the camera.

“The G-String was choking my manhood”

George continues to work up at the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum in Winton, which is deep into Central Queensland, near Longreach. They are discovering fossils up there faster than they can handle them, so he has been very busy with his work, but has still somehow managed to find the time to come visit his new friends all around the country.

George’s booming voice would not allow him to live for long if Australovenator Wintonensis, Australia’s largest meat-eating dinosaur, was alive to hear him.

Kara, NSW

You may remember her as: the stunning girl that naturally drew many of the geeks’ attention early in the season, causing a few rivalries and dramas at the time.

Kara continues to live near Sydney, and soon after the end of the show realised her feelings for a guy back home named Jordan and has been in a relationship with him since. I have met him and he seems like a great bloke. She has worked various jobs since the show but her aim is to be a cosmetic nurse and she has recently signed up to study nursing.

Kara with Jordan at Daydream Island

Tim, WA

You might remember him as the guy who was transformed from this:

Tim – Gasp! Uh-oh

To this:

Ladies of the World – Gasp! Oh wow!

Tim has been continuing his research as an astrophysicist and has been working very hard on some discoveries he has made. In addition to this he has been working on a distributive computing project called The SkyNet (http://www.theskynet.org), where people can sign their computers up to help do the calculations needed to make great discoveries in Astronomy. Additionally, he has been taking a telescope out into the streets of Perth with some of his colleagues in order to educate random passers-by about our universe. And to answer what everyone has been asking, yes he has kept his makeover look.

Tim still following his passion, but no longer looking like a 60s college professor

Donna, NSW

You might remember her for: Suggesting Star Wars was based on a true story that happened around 1889

“It could be based on something that really happened”

Donna has been working full time in an administration role, but after work she has been following a lot of sport (particularly Manchester United) and even embracing her inner geek as she is currently playing her way through Batman: Arkham City. She and Daniel still call each other on a very regular basis, Daniel to get advice on the ladies, and Donna to expand her knowledge on all things geeky.

Even though he has given her a flower in this picture they are just very good friends

Daniel, SA

You might remember him from: his kiss in the spa with Ellie that caused all sorts of trouble in the house.

“I asked her if I could have another kiss, and she obliged, which was nice”

Daniel, became a bit of a superstar in his home town of Adelaide after the show aired and spent a great deal of time dodging packs of screaming girls. He also got a great deal more confidence from the show and left his lab job for a pharmaceuticals sales job with required much more social interaction. He has also bought himself an apartment of his own, and is moving in soon. He will no longer be the geek who sleeps in a bunk bed in his parents’ house. As mentioned above he still stays in regular contact with his Beauty Donna. Her advice has helped him pick up a fair few dates, but he’s still single so the ladies out there reading don’t have to give up hope.

A little bit more formal than a lab coat.

Ellynie-May, NSW

You might remember her as: the fun loving red-head (at the time of the show) who loved to dance and didn’t love insects.

Despite being Marlon’s “Sweet Cherry Pie” she is actually normally a blonde.

Ellynie-May died her hair blonde again and is living in the small town of Woolgoolga on the north coast of New South Wales, and not long after the show she decided she loved Adam, a guy she had known since she was 15. In what is probably the most exciting news of all the cast of our season, Ellynie-May informed me last week that she is engaged to Adam, and also that they are expecting a baby! Congratulations to Ellynie and Adam and I look forward to hearing whether they have a little beauty or a baby geek.

Marlon, SA (Now NSW)

You might remember him as: the musical geek of the group, with his catchy renditions of Gilbert and Sullivan

“I am the very model of a modern major general”

Marlon finished his Law degree, but decided that acting was his true passion and decided to move to Sydney to persue it. He has appeared in a number of short films, including as an extra in films with Hugo Weaving and Emily Watson, and is in a production of Richard Black's 'The Local' for the Sydney fringe. He is still looking for a D&D group, so if any talent Agents or DungeonMasters are reading this, he would love to be contacted. I found a link to one of his short films which I found to be hilarious (make sure you watch the whole thing or you won’t get it.)

This is not from that movie but I thought it was a cool picture of Marlon

Tamika, QLD (now VIC)

You might remember her from: her bright bubbly enthusiasm in everything she did, her sweet and happy relationship with her fellow runner-up Thomas and the fact that she kissed me in the hot tub.

Hawaiian shirts also work better on her than Thomas

While we had a brief romance in the house, we went our separate ways once the show finished, but still stayed friends. Tamika quit her job as a cocktail waitress and has been working in various modelling and promotional roles. She moved around between her two hometowns of Airlie Beach and the Gold Coast for a while but is now decided on living down south in Melbourne.

Myself, Tamika, Linette, Tim and George going sailing in Perth

Thomas, VIC

You might remember him as: the “Hawaiian Shirt Enthusiast” who enjoys loud apparel, knowing the perfect moment to make some hilariously awkward comment, and dancing like this:

“This shirt is far too dull”

Like Linette, Thomas is in the process of finally finishing his nursing degree, and is looking forward to working as a fully-fledged nurse next year. He continues to wear the geek badge with pride and says he is currently working hard on his Pokémon card collection and writing Dr Who fan fiction. He is also still into his dance, with a big performance coming up, and from his Facebook photos he seems to be more popular with the ladies these days.

Maybe they were always there, but the bright shirts blinded me to his surroundings

Jessie, NSW

You might remember her as: the co-winner of the series, my beauty, and the girl who got up and started a dance in a court room, making one judge extremely angry.

And everyone else laughed a lot

Since winning Beauty and the Geek, Jessie’s life has really turned around. Her once struggling dance school (JB Dance on the NSW Central Coast) has doubled in size and is doing much bigger and greater things. So much so that Jessie has decided to take some business classes in order to help her run her expanding empire.

Another massive transformation would already be known for those who watch Today Tonight. Jessie had reduction surgery on her well-endowed chest to a much more manageable size and went from being a peroxide blonde to a much more natural brunette, which I personally think looks great (though you will see in the next section I still like blondes). She has also given up on fake tan, and has also become comfortable with the idea of being able to go places without make-up and nail polish (back at the end of the show if I tried to get her to go anywhere without makeup I would have been screamed at, so this is a huge change).

I have caught up with her numerous times since our win, three times in Queensland, twice in New South Wales and once in South Australia, and it is something I am looking forward to doing again sometime soon, particularly since she is no longer single and I am yet to meet her new boyfriend, the firefighter Craig.

Catching up with Jessie, Ellynie and the twins in the Gold Coast, and Jessie with her boyfriend Craig

Michael (Me), QLD

You might remember me as: the former maths champion with an appallingly Dad-ish sense of humour, who turned into the BATG 2010 champion, and then became a blogger for BATG 2011.

Just because I don’t think I’ve put enough reminders of who I am and photos of myself in this series of blogs :-P

After Beauty and the Geek I really stepped up and started a bit of a party lifestyle. The once shy Michael moved to an apartment in central Brisbane and started socialising much more than previously, heading out almost every weekend for a while. I travelled around to visit all the other contestants and had a lot of fun with a portion of my newly-won prize money.

I am still working as an electrical engineer in the mining industry, but I feel like I have been leading a much more balanced life. I am looking at using my prize money towards getting a property of my own but have not made any final decisions yet.

I have also met a lovely girl named Kristy, she is my age, works as a nurse in Brisbane and we got along really well. We have now been going out since February and have done many things together including a trip to America.

Where I also happened to get a job as Obama’s bodyguard

Beauty and the Geek has changed me a great deal, but there is definitely still a geeky side to me, and it doesn’t hide itself from the public.

Luckily, Kristy has a geek streak too.

Anyway, I realise that half the people who read my blog probably never watched season two, but for those who did, I hope this answered a few of your questions. I look forward to wrapping all my blogging up within the next few days. Until then, have a good one.


(PS, for this month only I have a filthy moustache: http://mobro.co/michaelgeek)

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